It’s Bond. James Bond and His Wife, Contessa

Mario & Luigi

by Kim @ CoziNest on July 21, 2016

James Bond and His Wife, Contessa

Recently, I was reading a new blogger friend’s post about taking photos when she jokingly referred to her husband as Tarzan and herself as Jane.  I thought, “How creative!” It got me to thinking about what pet name I would lovingly assign to my hubby. For some reason he absolutely hates, “Dumplin!”

The Finalists

So I brainstormed characters that he and I admire and came up with the following list:

  1. Han Solo and Princess Leia
  2. Antony and Cleopatra
  3. Harry and Sally or
  4. James Bond and Contessa

The  quote that I remember most from Han Solo in Star Wars is “Never tell me the odds!” Let me explain why I marked this one off the list. My husband is an engineer. He thinks, plans and operates on “worst case scenario!” Enough said?

Bond, James Bond

There is one line in Antony and Cleopatra that sealed the fate of this pair. “I am no orator, as Brutus is,”  said Antony. My hubby is quite the orator. He has the most incredible memory and can name the player who made the winning touchdown in the 1965 high school game between Obscuresville and Vague Town High! That one line sealed Antony’s fate!

football fan

Harry and Sally were a close second to Bond and Contessa. The only problem with this couple is they were friends for years before they finally became a couple. We were a couple much sooner. But, I love the line Harry said to Sally on New Year’s Eve,

“I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

Mario and Luigi

We were “undercover” on a mission in this photo.

The Winner

The rest of our life literally started on our first date, so I eliminated Harry from the contest. My hubby will never again hear the word, “Dumplin'” escape from my mouth. From now on, he will be referred to as 007 on both this blog and Heart for Dixie. He has always been a fan of Ian Fleming’s books and we’ve seen all the Bond movies. Once again, the quote that stands out for my hubby is from the movie, Licensed to Kill.

“In my business, you prepare for the unexpected.”

That just could not be more perfect! And I have to add that his initials are the same as 007’s.

Our daughter has been lovingly nicknamed “the princess” since the day she was born. I even wrote an acronym and put it into a lullaby that I sang to her when I rocked her to sleep. Now, she is all grown up and a lover of art. Especially Van Gogh. So I am combining the two names and she will be Princess Van Gogh.

Princess Van Gogh

My son has had a nickname that my family gave him when he was a baby. We simply and lovingly call him Aa.  He is an A+++ writer, made straight A’s through school and his name begins with an A.

Aa and Princess Van Gogh

Aa and Princess Van Gogh

And then there’s my future daughter-in-love, who will be lovingly referred to as C. She is beautiful inside and out! They make the perfect couple!


As for me, who wouldn’t love being referred to as “Contessa” from time to time? Do you and your loves have pet names for each other?


Victor Spahn and His Lovely Wife, Elizabeth

by Kim @ CoziNest on July 18, 2016

A Weekend to Remember

I was with Victor Spahn and his lovely wife, Elizabeth last weekend in New Orleans. It is a weekend that 007 and I will never forget. We were invited to an art auction hosted by Park West Galleries out of Michigan and we had an absolute blast! We’d never been to one of their “land” events, but started our art collecting aboard our Princess Cruise to Alaska.

We had no idea what to expect, but when we received the invitation to meet famed artist such as Peter Max, Victor Spahn and Romero Britto, we could not resist. It was a pleasure to meet them all. We had our picture made with Peter Max, received a personally autographed copy of his book, The Universe of Peter Max, enjoyed an inspiring talk with Romero Britto and then…. there was Victor.

Painter of Movement

Victor Spahn is the illustrious painter of movement. In every one of his paintings up for bid that weekend, I felt as if I were an active participant in each scene. I could almost feel the spray of the ocean from speeding sailboats, felt I needed to step out of the way of racing horses or wipe my tears after a thrilling performance by a single ballet dancer. Each work of art comes the closest to real life on canvas of any I’ve seen in my lifetime.

I am extremely blessed to have met the man behind the motion. He has profoundly affected my love of art and how I want to collect from here forward. His vibrant personality and enjoyment of days comes through so clearly in his work. He almost seemed to bounce around the room as he warmly and sincerely greeted each of his collectors.

Victor Spahn


Born in Paris, Victor Spahn is a second generation Russian. He began his career in mosaics and now brings motion to his paintings with both palette knife and brush. His paintings have been on exhibition across the globe with the President of France being just one of his many collectors.

“His name now appears alongside buildings named after Henri Matisse, Camille Claudel, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Louis Pasteur and Thomas Edison.”

The government of France also named a housing community after him.

Dancing with Victor

The Lovely Elizabeth

There was one painting up for bid that I have not forgotten. It was the view from his studio window. While I dream of someday visiting France, I can’t imagine the sheer joy of walking around in the place where this man creates such energy. I imagine blank canvases propped on easels and paints in tubes, jars, and on palettes. Brushes everywhere. And looking over his shoulder is another work of art… his beautiful wife, Elizabeth.

She sat across the aisle from us and I was most definitely her secret admirer over the weekend. She carried herself with such grace and dignity. She would smile so demurely each time Victor was applauded and seemed so proud during his standing ovation. She was exactly what I imagined a French lady to be.

I admired her fashion and especially one dress that was just so French! I’ve seen several in pictures from the runways of Paris, Milan and New York, but I’ve not seen anyone wearing one in person. While fringed jeans and tops have been in style for a couple of seasons here, I’d not seen unhemmed dresses in the US yet, and definitely not in the South. We are always a year or two behind the runways. I so wish I had gotten a picture of it to share with you. But, I have something even better.


Victor Spahn shared these New Orleans shots with me.

Victor Spahn and His Lovely Wife, Elizabeth

The Woman Beside the Man

I couldn’t help but wonder while looking at these photos, if the French Quarter lived up to its namesake. What did these two think of New Orleans? Did they hear the pride resounding from the French-Cajun dialect? Was this home away from home or was the heat so exhausting that they slept all the way across the Atlantic? And most importantly, did Victor “frame” any scenes from this weekend that we might see on canvas in the near future? Might we see street musicians playing their instruments or the Natchez Steamboat paddling down the great Mississippi? And if I ever have the privilege to visit Paris, will I find the lovely Elizabeth adorning the walls of a museum?


Notre week-end a été magnifique. Meilleurs voeux de succès à un beau couple.


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