How to Make Your Character Look Like a Million Bucks

by Kim @ CoziNest on December 4, 2015

On this Fashion Friday my thoughts turn to a different aspect of fashion. My niece will be modeling how to wear a scarf or pashmina, but, a deeper question is the main topic. As women we all want to look our best when we emerge out of our closet, but what about how we look when our character is showing like the old-fashioned-slip-out-from-under-our-dress? So here is my question…

How do you  make your character look like a million bucks?

I posted this as my status on Facebook this week:

If you are someone  who enjoys making others feel bad about themselves, remember this… you never look good doing it.

If the goal is to look impeccable, then our character should be the first garment we drape over our bodies. Consider how to wear a pashmina. As I look to my sweet niece to see what is chic right now… I see so much more.

Getting Outside

I’m reminded…not to stoop to the level of those who gossip, tear others down or enjoy making others feel bad about themselves…

Golden Rule of Wardrobes

Instead, do good to those who hate you…

Most Valuable Colors

Look to the golden rule for guidance. Do unto others…

Head over Heels for Plaid

Bless those who curse you…

Crazy about Plaid

If someone takes your coat… offer them your pashmina, too!

Making a Statement

Making a statement in more ways than one…

Here are 10 Ways We Can Live Like a Million Bucks from the Inside-Out:

1) Live Faithfully – Love God.

2) Live Loyally – Be devoted to those we  love.

3) Live in Humility – Be confident in ourselves without an air of self-importance. Always consider others more important than ourselves.

4) Live Politely – Manners and good behavior will always look  beautiful and never go out of style.

5) Live Dependably – Do what  we  say  we  will  do.

6) Live Generously – Whether it is our time, our gifts or talents or our money, meet the needs around us. The rewards are pressed down, immeasurable and overflowing.

7)  Live Honestly – Be honest with ourselves and others. Good character is what you do when no one else is looking.

8) Live to Forgive – Holding grudges is an ugly business.

9) Live Real – Be yourself. After all there’s no one else in the world created like you.

10) Live Determined – Set goals to live out our good character and be persistent – even when it’s uncomfortable.

As you are getting dressed next week, I pray that if your slip is showing as you walk out the door, it is a characteristic that makes you live like a million bucks!


Wearing a November Birthstone

by Kim @ CoziNest on November 29, 2015

Topaz is the gem of the month. I’m sure you knew it was the birthstone for the month of November, but did you know that you can go to a few mines here in the South and dig for your own southern gems? Gems like ruby, topaz, turquoise, even diamonds are available for prospecting here in our southern United States. There are emerald mines in Hiddenite, NC, which is only an hours’ drive from Winstom-Salem and in Arkansas you might actually find a diamond. Some of these parks are open for your whole family to dig year round. Others are only open during the summer.

Topaz Gems

Here are a couple of other southern gems to model the colors of topaz for you.

Shades of Topaz

It’s amazing how we can find the truest colors of nature in the many shades of topaz. As you think of gifts for those with November birthdays, keep these shades in mind.  Pinks, blues, amber and browns are gorgeous shades to wear in the Fall.

Ruby Tunic with Leather Jacket

Topaz is beautifully represented with a ruby tunic, gray leggings and tan leather jacket.

Pale Pink Scarf

A pale pink scarf with blue and white make a great transition from summer to Fall; especially in the South where our summers last until late October.

Suede Vest

A suede vest for all occasions.

Suede Vest

A handful of leaves

The brown of the leaves, the blue skirt and pink scarf tie all the colors of topaz together.

Falling Leaves

A pile of leaves is tempting – no matter your age.

Ruby, Tan and Blue


Add a sassy haircut and dangling earrings and you are ready for a November birthday party!

Light Brown Dress with Ankle Boots

A tan dress with ankle boots.

Tan dress with Denim Jacket

Add a denim jacket and you have two shades of topaz.

Wishing all those with November birthdays the happiest of celebrations!

Special thanks to my daughter, Amy and niece, Emily for modeling these pretty shades of topaz.


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November 13, 2015

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