My $5 Pillows

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by Kim @ CoziNest on August 24, 2016

These chairs were ugly.

I found them on the side of the street. The poor things were abandoned and had no home. They needed a little bit of tender loving care, a nice warm bath and a delicious coat of paint. I had visions of a new life’s purpose that included lounging under the stars.

ugly chairs

An Adirondack Makeover

So I got out my spray paint and gave them a makeover.

Adirondack chairs

And boy was that an improvement! I think I actually heard a sigh of relief escape from between the boards.

Orange and White Pillows

But, that’s not the best part of this story! Then I had a fun and exciting day of shopping with MGC (that’s the initials of my mom-in-love for those new to the blog) and she asked me if I’d seen the $5 pillows at Wal-Mart. We stopped by her neighborhood store and they had a great selection. I bought two.

My $5 Pillows

Then I got home with them and loved them so much, I needed more. So, I went to my neighborhood store to see if they had them too, and lo and behold they had a different selection, but the same price. I bought 5 more! So I got 7 pillows for $35.

Happy Hour Pillow

Don’t you think the chairs seem to sit a little straighter now. Their confidence is soaring! It’s amazing what a new pillow will do for a chair!

adirondack collage

The pillows are made of outdoor fabric, so I’m hoping they last through rain, sun and possible sleet. But just in case they might not, I’m on the hunt for a new basket to store them in when we aren’t lounging under the stars. I’m hoping to find a sturdy one to store my $5 pillows for less than $35! Let me know if you see one…. 😉

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