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Sandals on the Arno River Stein Mart Fashion Show Elizabeth and James Navy Blazer The Club, Stein Mart Stein Mart Fashion Show Stein Mart Fashion Show The Club, Stein Mart The Club Stein Mart Master Bath Accessories Black Gold Paper Dolls White House Black Market White House Black Market White House Black Market White House Black Market Beatrix 50 is not old! The Cold Shoulder Fridays with Oscar Black Applique Gown Lighting



Hockey Sweater Fashion

On a recent trip to Toronto, Canada, I learned that in the early days of hockey, jerseys were called sweaters, because they were actually sweaters. Commentators will still refer to them today as sweaters because of this.  007 and I visited the Hockey Hall of Fame where I found lots of hockey sweater fashion. Because […]

7 Fall Fashion Tips from Fabulous After 40

Deborah Boland is an influential style blogger and certified image consultant with The Association of International Image Consultants International. As a Leading Style Expert for women over 40, and editor of  Fabulous after 40, it is an honor to feature her here on Fashion Friday. September can be a difficult fashion month here in the […]

Is Birmingham Fashion Week to Become Fashion Roadkill?

Picture the scene with Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City. She walks confidently down the runway and falls on her face.  Her friend Stanley then exclaims from the audience, “Oh no! She’s fashion roadkill!” Could that be what Birmingham Fashion Week has become? Fashion Roadkill? Every year that it’s been in “The Ham,” I’ve […]

Fashion for Tiger and Tide Fans Galore!

Rah-Rah-Rah Sis Boom Bah! There’s no time to hem and haw! College football season is here at last! In Alabama, we’ll be adding War Damn Eagle and Roll Tide Roll to our Boom Bah! If you’ve not done your shopping for that first game, check out this southern-born-and-bred site for the latest in game day attire. […]

Patchwork Trend for Ladies Over 40

Do you remember the song, Patches? It was written by Clarence Carter. The song tells the story of how a young boy raised on a farm was so “raggedy, folks used to call [him], Patches.” I was born and raised down in Alabama On a farm way back up in the woods I was so […]

Women of Distinctiveness

Who is Sylvia van de Logt? Sylvia is a woman of style. She is creative, confident and a world traveler. She currently lives in Singapore, grew up in The Netherlands and has lived in exotic places like France, Italy, South Africa and Japan. She is the founder and editor in chief of 40+Style, a business […]

Flattering and Appropriate Wardrobe Choices

Susan Shares Her Flattering and Appropriate Wardrobe I am pleased as punch to present this week’s Fashion Friday Feature. It is Susan with the blog, Fifty, not Frumpy.  I’m sharing several of her summer looks to get us through the month of August. Fall is just a few weeks away, ladies! “Susan began Fifty, not Frumpy […]

The Revival of Fashion Friday

Yes, you read the title correctly! I’m bringing back Fashion Friday and I hope you are as excited about it as I am. Each Friday I will now feature a blogger, model, style, and/or friend whose style I admire. I am so happy to introduce the very first Revival of Fashion Friday feature. Her name […]

Victor Spahn and His Lovely Wife, Elizabeth

A Weekend to Remember I was with Victor Spahn and his lovely wife, Elizabeth last weekend in New Orleans. It is a weekend that 007 and I will never forget. We were invited to an art auction hosted by Park West Galleries out of Michigan and we had an absolute blast! We’d never been to one of […]

How to Make Your Character Look Like a Million Bucks

On this Fashion Friday my thoughts turn to a different aspect of fashion. My niece will be modeling how to wear a scarf or pashmina, but, a deeper question is the main topic. As women we all want to look our best when we emerge out of our closet, but what about how we look when […]

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