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Tea Towels and Mad Men

I have everything from delicate, linen tea towels, to mid-century modern triangular pieces. The modern pieces remind me of one of my all-time favorite tv shows, Mad Men. In the words of Don Draper:


In my heart, I know we cannot be defeated, because there is an answer that will open the door.


Open the door of the Daphne Antique Galleria and find your perfect treasure!

Mid-century coffee table
This mid-century modern coffee table is straight out of the Mad Men era. It would have been perfect in Don Draper’s living room or perhaps yours? It’s painted with Amy Howard gray lacquer with black accents.

Galvanized Basket
I would love to see this galvanized basket filled with succulents and smooth river rocks.

vintage fire dogs
These Brass Firedogs would be perfect as bookends. Or add a small rectangle box with a floral arrangement. Place on a bathroom shelf and roll towels across the two.

Set of three bottles
Add these to your vintage bottle collection. Set of three.

Vintage Scales
Add an arrangement of succulents or hydrangeas with a trailing vine atop this vintage scale. Set it on a bathroom counter with a basket of soaps or in your den with bundles of books sitting on top.

Picking Peanuts

I’ve named this very old artwork, “Picking Peanuts” because it looks like a family picking and boiling peanuts. It reminds me of many trips to the beach as a kid, where we passed boiled peanuts stands on the side of the road.

Round wooden platter

Add this round, wood-like cutting board to your collection. It has been sealed with polyurethane, so is for decorative use only. It would also make a great base for a floral arrangement, or a small tray in your kitchen.


Here’s a small, earthy piece of pottery with swirling color and a unique glazing technique.

Very Vintage Drawer


I love finds like this one! This is an old handmade drawer that I imagine a farmer using in his barn to store tools. Great farmhouse look to hold cookbooks on your counter, hand towel and toiletries in your bathroom, or any number of ideas for your den, man-cave or she-shed. Add felt to the bottom and use it to store your jewelry.  It could also be a catch-all on your desk for all those papers you need to file.

crystal vase

Sit this lovely crystal vase inside the handmade drawer above and use both for your makeup brushes and cosmetics.


Joanna Gaines loves to use lots of empty frames on one wall. Here’s one to start or finish your collection. Another idea would be to use your collection of frames to display tea towels, sort of like this …


Tea Towel Display from Carley Kelley


I found this display on Carley Kelley’s Blog from her visit to Joanna Gaines store, Magnolia. I have also just gotten some vintage linen towels in that would be too cute hung like this! That’s a future project for the booth!

Vintage Hurricane Lamp

This beautiful vintage hurricane lamp would be gorgeous sitting in a front window of your home. Or add it to a modern vanity to mix an antique with something contemporary. Both globes light up, so it would also make a very pretty night light.

Triangle Candelabra

Last, but not least, this triangular candelabra would look perfect on that mid-century modern coffee table, don’t you think? What other ways would you use this unique piece?


Another Draper quote, “You want some respect? Go out and get it for yourself.” To which I would add:  “You can find some by shopping the Daphne Antique Galleria! Find a treasure here and turn it into your own masterpiece.” Happy shopping!

1699 US Highway 98
36526 Daphne, Alabama

(251) 625-2200


One of the things that makes my booth a success at Daphne Antique Galleria is the wide range of items you can find there.

Featured Image Credit: The New York Daily News

Kim @ CoziNest


  • Jenna

    07/11/2017 at 8:12 am

    lots of treasures Kim! So glad you’re having fun!

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