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10 Commandments Bill Passes AL House

I know that a lot of Republicans and Christians are jumping for joy that the Ten Commandments’ bill has now passed the AL House. I don’t usually write about politics on my blog, but I’m sorry I couldn’t pass this one up. Consider this a strictly editorial piece.

AL House Passes Ten Commandments bill
Ten Commandments

According to, if this bill is brought to a vote and passes into law, the Ten Commandments can then be posted on state property including public schools. I am a Christian and a conservative, but I’m not quite sure how to react to this news. I believe in the commandments. I believe they are the law from which all of our US laws were formed. I believe they give us a moral compass. But, I also know that passing this type of law can open all sorts of cans that may contain infectious bacteria.

When I was thirteen, I read the book, “The Vision,” by David Wilkerson and as a child, I couldn’t decide whether he was crazy, or if I should be scared. Now, all these years later, some of his prophecies are still coming to pass. I remember reading about the ones that I thought could never come true. They sounded too far-fetched… there will be x-rated movies on our home televisions, grocery stores would have computers that could “read” our grocery prices, economic depression, world-wide economic collapse, sex and the occult will mix, the church will embrace sexual sin as a “god-given right,” and children will hate their parents.

At 13, it was 1973 and none of this had happened yet. Now, there was “free love,” drugs and sex communes, but it wasn’t really main stream like it is today. So what does this have to do with the Ten Commandments?

The Ten Commandments hung on the walls of our state buildings then. The moral compass of our country does not lie within the tablets. It lies within our hearts. If we pass a law allowing the Commandments back into the schools and state buildings, how long will it be before the Quran is taught, prayer mats and chanting are part of the curriculum, or little Buddha’s are placed at the entrances of all our state buildings to enforce the “Freedom of Religion” Amendment? This too, may sound far-fetched. But, look around. I mean, Zen is really in right now, have you noticed all of the Buddha’s in home decor?

Yes, of course, I believe in freedom of religion. I believe that religion brings us a moral compass, a legal system that maintains law and order and most importantly, true religion awakens our spirits to the existence of a power greater than us.

But…. when we try to enforce our power, I believe we are showing our lack of faith in HIS. GOD is GOD, after all. When we truly worship HIM, we don’t need laws to hang on our walls. When parents teach the LOVE of God, and a relationship develops, there is a natural phenomenon that happens. Scripture (Romans 1:20) tells us that creation itself speaks to the existence of God. It is in our relationship with HIM that we discover HIS nature, HIS characteristics, and HIS wants for our lives.

It is the job of parents to teach their children about God. We are taught this throughout the Bible. (Jeremiah 31:33; Hebrews 10:16) So do I want the government involved with the moral compass of my children, teaching my children to whom, when or how to pray, or how they were created. I can say, as a Christian and a conservative, emphatically, NO! That is my job.

If you disagree, that is your God-given right. HE gave us all brains and I respect your opinions, so please don’t open any cans of infectious bacteria with me. As always, healthy comments are welcome.

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