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11 Ways to Stay Connected with College Kids



I wish I’d known then what I know now. You CAN stay connected when they go off to college. Here are 11 ways to harass and stalk your college kids.

  1. Post pictures of the two of you on their FB page to remind them how much you love and adore them.
    Minnie Ears
  2. When you call and they don’t have time to talk to you, call them right back and leave a long, detailed message of what you ate that day.
  3. If they had a favorite bedtime story as a child, tweet parts of it to their twitter feed right before you go to bed. 
    Little Boy with a Drum
  4. If that doesn’t work, post an embarrassing picture of them asleep with their mouth open or nude in the bathtub.
    Sleeping Child
  5. Make sure you tell your child on a regular basis how much fun you are having remodeling their room. What trophies?
  6. Mail them a reminder of you now and then. Send them one of the precious items they made you while they were in elementary school. It’s a great way to clean out all of their junk,  treasures.
  7. Send them postcards of all the exotic places they aren’t getting to see….. Like their bedroom….
    An exotic place
  8. Care packages are a great idea, too. Send them souvenirs from your travels. Shower caps, shampoo, notepads from hotel rooms. 
    Trial Size
  9. When they come home for a visit, have a cab waiting at the airport with the address for the closest hotel along with a list of your favorite restaurants.
  10. Send them photos of the family pets that say, “we’re looking for you.”
  11. Every Christmas, give them a new framed photo of you for their bedside table, preferably in a frame that says, “Remember Me?”
    Arrow w MOM


This is just the beginning. How do you stay in touch with your college kids?


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