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9 Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Do you constantly search for the perfect birthday gift for a sister, friend, new wife or daughter? Vintage shops and antique malls are a great place to find something that is both unique and affordable. Here are 9 birthday or Valentine’s gift ideas to help you shop for that special lady in your life.

the perfect birthday gift


9 Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

birthday gifts

1. Pretty soap in a gift bag with face washing headband.

gifts for her

2. Set of 2 wine glasses with a special bottle of wine wrapped in a pretty wine bag.

gold wine glasses

3. M & M candy jar filled with the candies along with a gift card to her favorite ice cream shop.

M & M Candy Jar

4. Pair of champagne flutes with a bottle of bubbly.

gift of champagne flutes

5. Shower Cap with a bottle of Shower Gel

6. Sparkly pair of earrings or other jewelry

shower cap

7. Tea Towels for the Bath or Kitchen with hand soap

hand towels birthday gift

8. Cordials with her favorite liqueur.

gift of cordials

9. Mule slippers to keep her feet warm along with a throw or fuzzy socks.

white mule slippers


These are all gifts that you’ll have fun shopping for and enjoy giving to her. There’s this and so much more in Booth #115 at Southern Antiques & Accents in Fairhope, AL. We ship, too!

What’s your favorite birthday gift?

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