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A Cozy Cottage Style Guest Room

Day 18 of 31 Days of Decorating Tabletops: A Cozy Cottage Style Guest Room

My house has multiple personalities. I think they call that “eclectic.” I love so many looks and don’t have enough rooms in my humble abode to have them all. (That’s one reason my sisters and I decorate other people’s homes.)

So, each room in our house has a look of its own. Now I know that your house is suppose to flow and it does. In my way. One of my favorite rooms in the house is our “cottage-style guest room.” Every piece of furniture and accessory has a special meaning. I think that’s why I love it so much.

Jenny Lind Twin Bed

The twin beds belonged to my husband and his brother when they were growing up. They were a maple color of wood. I painted them Amy Howard Linen and have been very happy with how they turned out. I had the bedskirts and standard shams made from a shower curtain used in a former bathroom.

Hand-me-Down Chair

The chair in the corner was a hand-me-down when 007 and I first married. It’s been reupholstered and re-styled a couple of times.

Family Chair

It is so comfortable, and has a matching ottoman at the end of the other bed. The curtains were also a former shower curtain to which I added fringe. It’s a yellow, pink, blue and white cheerful room.

Twin Bed

The painting on the far left is by Janet Tillery out of Birmingham, AL and all the others are prints picked up from our travels.

What We Love Most About Our Home

The words on the wall are fun and from the heart.

A full length mirror is a must in a guest room.

Every guest room needs a full length mirror. This one was a find during a flea market trip with 007.

Dance Recital Pillows

This basket of pillows are made from the dance recital costumes worn by my daughter when she was little.  One of the pillows is my own from Easter dresses when I was little. The little gloves sewn on the pillow were also mine as a little girl.

Former changing table.

The painting of Christ carrying the cross was purchased at an auction with 007. The chest is a former changing table used when my son was a baby. It used to be white, but I removed the sides from the top and “antiqued” it. Do you remember when you used to “antique or pickle” furniture? The top of the chest has a guest book filled with memories with loved ones, two bird cages found at a flea market that I “spruced up” with a ceramic bird and a flower arrangement.

Scarlett, our kitty
And finally, this is Scarlett. She was helping me take pictures for this post. A cottage-styled room, filled with lots of things I love.

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