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Who We Are

A little bit about me…

I’m Kim, the writer of this blog. My husband (lovingly referred to as 007 here on the blog) and I have 2 children. Our oldest son is a writer living in LA and our youngest daughter is in the risk management business living in Birmingham, Alabama. Our daughter and son-in-love’s are both blessings in our family adding love, inspiration and many blessings to our lives. No grands yet, but I have my name already picked out! We do, however, have two fur babies that you’ll see often, because they rule the roost!


Life goes on after the nest empties.

CoziNest is dedicated to women over 50 who have entered the empty nest stage of life. Loneliness is a very real and often devastating part of our seniors’ lives. Women in particular can go through a period of time feeling abandoned and rejected.


Coming Soon!

We are working hard to bring you great new products for such a time as this! You’ll find products here ranging from anti-aging beauty products to global travel discounts. We will scour the internet and bring you fun and comfortable fashion, easy fitness tips, faith books and even games and toys to play with your grandchildren.

Cozinest About Us

Here’s to the The Empty
Nest Stage of Life

Our goal is to bless those entering and living in the empty nest, making this your go-to platform for a fun and exciting retirement lifestyle. If you find yourself looking for the same things, please subscribe. You’ll also find a link here and there where you can shop these fun ideas! As a result, I might earn a little trinket money.

Now go spread a little joy to your favorite empty nester! Start by leaving a comment here