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Ambush Makeover

Last week while we were in Andalusia, AL with Deb McKathan, we ambushed a JCPenney customer for a free makeover. We were able to FaceTime with style consultant, Mary Kathryn Nappi in Birmingham, AL to give Patricia Ingram an updated look.

Mary Kathryn Nappi

Mary Kathryn, the daughter of a dear friend, happens to be an Auburn grad with a degree in Apparel Design. She will be working with CoziNest on future style updates along with Darlene Real-Higginbotham.

When we first met Patricia, she was comfortably dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.


Mary Kathryn was able to put several new looks together for her by suggesting what styles would best suit her shape.

Patricia Ingram Before

Patricia is a beautiful lady who loves to shop and in particular, loves shopping at JCPenney. She has raised 4 children and has 7 grands and is proud to be a stay-at-home-wife.

Animal Print Skirt

Our first choice was an animal print skirt with red top. This is a casual look that could be dressed up with a scarf, jewelry and heels.

Worthington Blouse

The next outfit was our favorite. Mary Kathryn suggested short-waist jackets, so Darlene tied this St. John’s Bay Black “fly-away” cardigan at her waist. The red skirt and Worthington multi-print blouse looked fabulous and took off 10 pounds by choosing the right lines.

Wrap Bracelet

Patricia went home with this bracelet, but we all wanted to fight her for it!

Drop Earring

With the print and drape of the blouse, Darlene and Mary Kathryn decided a simple drop earring would be all she needed.

Floral Jacket

Summer would not be complete without a pair of white pants, so Mary Kathryn suggested this floral jacket over monochrome white. The style pant that best fits Patricia is a slightly flared leg that balances her shape from shoulder to ankle. She loves black and white, so she felt very comfortable in this outfit.

Darlene with Patricia

Darlene helped with the jewelry, choosing black drop earrings, necklace and bracelet.


Black Beaded Bracelet

Black Jewelry

And by adding a pink top, and black pants, we completed another ensemble to add to her closet.

Floral Jacket with Pink

Patricia said yes to our “ambush makeover” because she loves fashion. She was a very fun client and it was a blessing getting to know her.

We are so grateful, once again, to JCPenney in Andalusia, AL. Mary Kathryn Nappi did an excellent job navigating FaceTime, choosing the right fit and styles for Patricia and taking care of her precious son, all at the same time. She is the definition of multi-tasking and I am so excited to welcome her to Fashion Friday!

Mary Kathryn Nappi

And Darlene Real-Higginbotham is the ever-gracious style consultant who will travel over 2 hours, fight with an umbrella in pouring rain and work hours in heels just to give a lady hope, vision and a new look.

Patricia was appreciative.



If you would like a style update by Mary Kathryn Nappi or Darlene Real-Higginbotham, please fill out the form below.

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