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Holiday Events 2013

We have a home on the coast of Alabama near where my husband works. Our birthplace is in Birmingham, about 250 miles north of our

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Paranoia – Good or Bad?

A funny thing happened as we traveled over the river and through the woods for our Thanksgiving feast last week. We approached a traffic jam and

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Is This to Take Away?

While in England, it may be surprising to find out that I loved the accent and the phrases the service staff used in restaurants and

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Pinestraw Casserole

I have been whipped by a casserole. The first time that we had it was at Jay’s aunt’s house at Christmas at least 25 years

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Edinburgh, My Favorite

The countryside of Scotland, the grazing sheep, mixed with castles, cathedrals and the little villages we passed through, made this my very favorite part of

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Cambridge and York

Our third day of touring England led us to the University of Cambridge, the second oldest university in the United Kingdom. As we walked through

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