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High Cotton

Another reason to love my south is the beauty that peeps out of the ground in late August and September.  Cotton fields are beautiful crops

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To Face the Unknown

In 1978, I graduated from high school, the very first Walkman was introduced to the world by Sony and Harper & Row published the book

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It’s Crockpot Season

Most of you probably use your crock-pot year round, but not me. During the summer months I love grilling.  In the fall and winter months

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Happy Birthday to You

Today’s post is very personal.  It’s an inside peak into my family.  Today is all about birthdays for one reason. Today we celebrate one of my

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Just One More Bite

Scott Dumas has done it again.  There are so many good restaurants in Fairhope, but one of the best is bound to be the Italian

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House Stalking

Do you love to drive through neighborhoods and stalk houses?  I do!  At the beginning of each season I have been known to drive through

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A Living Tribute

On this Thankful Thursday, I am grateful for the “Spirit of Creativity.”   New uses for old things.  I love re-creating things.  Some of you

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September 11th

This was published one year ago. What are your thoughts on the state of patriotism in our country today – 13 years later on September

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