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Living to Leave a Legacy

Have you given much thought to what legacy you will leave your children? Most of us have. But what about your community? Your family? Your

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Weekly Special for 2/12/18

Weekly Special This week, CoziNest is featuring our special Valentine’s Plates. They are the perfect addition to a nice quiet dinner at home with your

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Weekly Special 10/2/17

This week’s special is this beautiful, Victorian, dual Hurricane Lamp.   I found this gorgeous lamp at an estate sale in Pensacola. The hand painting

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Weekly Special 9/25/17

Find the best deals at CoziNest for antiques and home decor. This week I have two special offers. One is located at the Daphne Antique

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I’m a Chain!

In the words of Truvy in Steel Magnolia’s, “I’m a chain!” I don’t have Spud to thank for this expansion, but I’m just as excited

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