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How to Turn a Blah Cabinet into a Beautiful Corner Curio

Turning this blasé cabinet into a more modern corner curio was a quick project that turned out lovely. While on a trip to Nashville, (pre-covid), my sister and I visited an antique store. I came home with this corner curio. The antique store was Gaslamp Antiques and if I lived in Nashville, it would be hard not to go everyday.

The Before and Afters of a Corner Curio



It’s surprising how much can be stored in this curio. I decided to try it out for a while before I sold it in the booth. The bottom housed all my Christmas China and glassware, while the top held another china pattern with even more glassware. Then I decided the upper interior section needed to be a bit brighter.

Corner Curio

Corner Cabinet

I removed the window panes, cleaned the entire piece with Krud Kutter and painted the interior top cabinet.

A Lovely Corner Curio


Updated Corner Curio

In the booth now, it has become a jewelry display cabinet. I was so pleased with the outcome that I almost moved it back into my house.

White Interior Corner Curio

I love how bright this turned out. Everything shows up much better. The rounded front sets this piece apart from other corner curios.

Great storage in corner curio

Whether your style is modern or traditional, showing a little tender loving care to an antique can update it to fit into your home.

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