Birthday Bucket Lists

I recently stumbled upon a Birthday Bucket List and thought it was a great idea. The list I found was 50 Things to Do Before Your Next Birthday. Fifty seems like too high a number for this gal, so I decided I’d come up with one per month. That seems achievable and fun! Here is my list for the next 10 months. What would yours look like?

  1. Get a facial.
  2. Take a class to learn something new or improve my skills.  (photography, blogging, cooking or painting?) Perhaps I’ll take more than one.
  3. Relax with a massage.
  4. I know this may be considered cheating, but… Go somewhere I’ve never been before like…. Italy! Less than 2 weeks away!!!Photo Credit: Flickr, Ross Elliott
  5.  Take my health and fitness more seriously.
  6.  Make a new friend.
  7. Host a dinner party for new and existing friends.
  8. Spend a day doing something someone else wants to do.
  9. Participate in an activity in Birmingham and Fairhope that I’ve never done before.
  10. Ride in a hot air balloon.


Photo Credit: Flickr/Eric BC Lim

I have 10 months to achieve this list. A day at the spa for facials and a massage would be fun to share with a new or old, friend, as would a ride in a hot air balloon. I’ll be calling you, soon.


Photo Credits: Flickr, Ross Elliott; Flickr/Eric BC Lim


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7 thoughts on “Birthday Bucket Lists

  1. Oh, I simply love your list, Kim. I definitely have Italy on mine. I just started a color-themed weekend challenge on my page, to pamper ourselves, so this ties in very well. I love #6 here.
    It has been a pleasure browsing your page today, and becoming a little familiar with your blog. I’ve subscribed and added you to my sidebar to not miss a thing.
    Much love!!

    PS-When you have a chance, I’d love to hear more about your experience starting the Southern Bloggers’ Jubilee. Feel free to email me.

  2. Hi Kim… Just read your post and we just got back from Italy last night. Fantastic! Have a great time and we’ll have to compare when you get back.

  3. I am available for the facial or a day at the spa.
    So this has me thinking, what would I place on my Birthday Bucket List….
    Still thinking……

    This is harder than I thought.

  4. What a fun idea Kim! This will definitely spur you on! I’d like a massage and a facial myself!! I can’t believe you are going to Italy in 2 weeks! Wow! A dream vacation for sure!

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