Be Grateful Now for Who You Are

Don’t give advice, unsolicited. I know. But, as I reflect this week on things to be grateful for, this is the number one thing that keeps popping into my head.

Be grateful now for who God created you to be

That’s the advice I would give my daughter, nieces and younger women of today, if they asked me. As I consider the stage of life I’m in right now, I want to roll around on the floor like a puppy or purrrr like a kitten. I’m thrilled to just sit in a place of gratitude that I’ve made it through the landmines of unnecessary worry, the missing floorboards of insecurity, the blurred vision of other’s perception and the outdated notion that somehow I might not be fashionable enough for the day. Don’t get me wrong. Retirement has it’s challenges, but overall, for now, today, I’m so very thankful for who God as Creator, made me to be.

Consider the lilies of the field. (Matt. 25:28)

be grateful now


Have you ever looked at a flower in your garden and thought, “Those colors really don’t go together. What was this little bloom thinking when she got dressed this morning?” Or have you whispered to a friend while considering the lily, “She obviously doesn’t have a mirror or a friend on this planet!” No? Why not? Well, of course it’s because she’s a natural beauty.

You are a natural beauty!

Does a lily ever look in a mirror? She has no need to look in a mirror. She is the reflection of God’s very nature. All of creation reflects His beauty. Consider her again. You never see her long, tender leaves folded over themselves – twisting in worry. Her bending in the breeze isn’t a result of stress over whether rain will fall or the sun will warm her petals today. She doesn’t care what color she is or what color the blooms are around her.

The lily is content with her caretaker. She trusts Him. Her roots are secure and if they turn a little gray, who cares!? Her face turns naturally toward the sun and she grows and matures in her own soil. She blooms where she is planted as they say.

This is only a test

My adult daughter nor my nieces have given me reason to write this. I know they are rooted in proper soil. I know to whom they turn their face in troubled and peaceful times, and I am so very grateful for that. No. I offer this advice because of my own struggles in my 20’s and 30’s. I didn’t blossom into a secure lily of His field until I was about 50. Perhaps that’s just the way my life was suppose to be – lessons I needed to learn and such.

As I was writing this, the greatest thing happened. I’m on my back porch and suddenly over a loud speaker I heard the words, “Attention! This is a test of the emergency warning system. This is only a test!” Then the siren went off for about 30 seconds and stopped. Again over the speaker, “Attention! This has been a test of the emergency warning system. This is only a test!”

Isn’t that what life is anyway? A test. All my worries, insecurities, desire to please others, stress, trials and tribulations are but a test. And all lessons learned are learned best by trial and error. So, now I think I’ll just add one more thing. Listen to the warnings! They are meant to protect you. Watch your step as you head into the storm shelter, being careful to know from where your help comes! Don’t trip over the lies of the world. Trust in the ONE who created you.

He made you for such a time as this. He designed your personality, your style, your interests. He fashioned you to be an influencer within HIS world. Not the world.

Thanksgiving 2022

So, as we head into Thanksgiving 2022, I am grateful to Him for making me who I am. Not in a proud, look how great I am kind of way, but, in a thank You for teaching me, kind of way. I’m grateful for the early Bible stories I was taught as a child. I only wish I had dissected the verse about the lilies a bit earlier. 😉  I’m thankful for the work ethic I learned while washing utility trucks on Saturday with my daddy. I appreciate the advice of a literature professor at Jefferson State Jr. College who suggested I consider a career in writing. The coffee money I’ve earned from this craft I love, could have been my downfall. But, I’ve learned that one or two comments from a friend or family member makes my writing priceless. My Mona Lisa. The “leaves” of my life.

Roses and Bible

Words can be gold or they can be poison. The word GRATITUDE is golden, but somehow doesn’t begin to describe the joy I experienced as a “work-from-home-mom.” I didn’t stay. Raising a family is busy work. Praying is hard work. Trusting is the hardest. But, somehow, 007 and I decided when my oldest was only 2 months old that my “job” would be caring for, teaching, loving, nursing and taxi-ing our children to and from wherever. That was our decision and we were fortunate to be able to make it happen.

I’m grateful for Larry Burkett, (Crown Financial Ministries) God rest his soul, who taught me how to budget. Yes, I was an envelope-toting-mom and when an envelope was empty, we did without. Cash was king! No credit card debt which meant we learned to sacrifice. Those sacrifices taught me appreciation in a way that debt never would or could.

Grateful for family

This year, I’ll have all my family together. The California son will be here with my daughter-in-love and my Birminghamians will sleep under my roof as well. I look at the 4 of them and I see love, faith, loyalty, and yes, beauty. I praise God that they make each other happy.

CoziNest Family Photo

They are all beautiful. But, it’s not only skin deep. Today I’m so grateful for who God made each them and who He made me. It is through His work in us that gives us pause to count our blessings. I pray He continues His work in all of us.

So, ladies, what gratitude advice would you give your adult children for their future?

What Cottagecore Will Teach You About Simple Living

Cottagecore, where have I been all your life?

What if the next time you walked into a room, you remembered why you’re in there? Cottagecore is the new buzzword in home lifestyle, decor and simple living. It reminds us what our grandparents taught us about being good stewards of what God has given us and forces us to declutter. As we declutter our homes and our minds, life becomes simple, conscientious, and even resolute. And yes, in a more peaceful environment, we just might actually remember what we walked into this room for in the first place.

cottagecore pin

When I began CoziNest 8 years ago, my tagline was Simple. Cozy. Beautiful. Home.

If only someone had introduced me to Cottagecore back when I started CoziNest, my business would have been on a wholistic, inspirational, environmentally friendly path from which I would never have strayed! According to The Good Trade, “society turns to the past to soothe the stresses of the present,” and Cottagecore is at the heart of this search.

Farmhouse in a long flowing skirt

My mission with CoziNest was to put vintage and antique treasures into the hands of this generation in order to keep our landfills free of heirlooms. If I’d been a bit quicker in my cluttered brain, I might have conveyed this mission in a much more fun and inviting way. In a nutshell, I could have shared how Cottagecore is Farmhouse in a long flowing skirt. 

day nine poster

This poster by Jamie Beck sells for $50 and embodies the whole idea of Cottagecore in this one image. I am not an affiliate and make no commission if you purchase. I just love the picture.

What is Cottagecore?

I can’t find it now, but one of my first posts written to explain the goals and purpose of CoziNest was about my favorite antique in my home. It’s a small, Queen Anne secretary that I found in an antique store in Mobile, AL. in 1997. I loved it the minute I laid eyes on it!

I remember imagining that an English lady may have once written her morning letters at that desk. I imagined her staring out of a window of a country estate into a delightful garden with quill in hand. Her skirts were flowing beneath the desk, tea steaming in a cup beside her with a Cocker Spaniel at her heels, as she planned her day. This picture in my mind from 1997 now describes what Cottagecore is at heart.

  1. Cottagecore looks to the past for solutions to today’s problems.
  2. Simple living is the mission statement.
  3. There is a definitive connection to the earth, with a determination to be good stewards of what God has given us.
  4. It is peace seeking.
  5. Creation in the home is what makes the house beautiful.
  6. Cozy is a buzzword.
  7. Cottagecore embraces inspiration, meditation, prayer.

How can you bring Cottagecore into your home?

tea time

There are several ways to add Cottagecore to your lifestyle. Here are just a few:

  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Add quilts and blankets, particularly to sit on outdoors
  • Florals and greenery, both real and faux
  • Lots of baskets


baskets on bicycles


  • Storybooks on the coffee table and to read
  • Tea tins in the kitchen
  • Teacups and pots in the cupboard
  • Share a cup of tea with friends and family. Sit. Be still. Enjoy.
  • Use antiques and vintage items instead of plastics in the kitchen


cottagecore vintage accessories

  • bake fresh breads
  • take up sewing
  • add landscapes with fields and streams, mountains and beach scenes to your walls
  • grow your own herbs, vegetables, orchards of fruit trees and flowers
  • Picture Orchard House from Little Women and you’ve got a good idea of what Cottagecore is

what is cottagecore

Looking over this list of Cottagecore basics, I’m once again reminded of what I wanted for CoziNest from the very beginning. It’s also a bit funny that my favorite literary story of all time is Little Women and life at Orchard House is a great description of this lifestyle.

Questions to Ask about Cottagecore

What decor embodies the cottagecore lifestyle?

All things vintage and antique give a romantic feel to the home. Using wood, glass, china and all natural products enhance the home. It’s most things traditional, bohemian, primitive and farmhouse.

Do homemade products fit into the cottagecore lifestyle?

Absolutely! Making your own laundry, bath and dish soap and putting them in pretty glass containers is a perfect example of making life more simple, caring for our families and the planet.

Why is Cottagecore described as peaceful?

Living off the land, looking to the past for current life solutions and seeking inspiration from creation leads to a more peaceful lifestyle. It is a conscious choice to unplug, breathe in nature, and make eye contact with our friends and family. When you think of Little Women, do you think that was a simpler time? Not necessarily easier, but simpler. No dishwasher, but valuable time spent talking to our family as we washed, dried and put away our supper dishes. Entertainment was a picnic, piano or acting out a favorite literary piece.

How can we promote/embrace this simpler way of life?

Invite friends over for a piece of fresh baked pie or a cup of tea. Plan a picnic with fresh, homemade cookies or lemonade, pack a picnic basket with sandwiches and throw in a vintage quilt to sit on the ground. Use earth-friendly products. Burn nature scented candles in the home. Sit with a child and read a storybook with gorgeous illustrations. Go for a bike ride and bring home wildflowers for a vase you found in an antique mall. Use glass, wood, wicker and ceramic for storage. Limit plastics in your home.

What should a vintage/antique dealer be on the lookout for to be prepared for this new – old lifestyle?
  • romantic florals, chintz fabrics, quilts and beautiful linens and textiles
  • baskets, baskets, baskets
  • tea tins
  • tea cups and teapots
  • storybooks – the kind with illustrations
  • vintage kitchen utensils and accessories
  • storage solutions
  • all wood furniture, painted in a variety of colors
  • gardening tools, accents and books

Do you remember why you started reading this post? Why you walked into this “proverbial room”? Were you looking for something Cottagecore? If so, start shopping my booth at Southern Antiques & Accents in Fairhope, AL. Follow me on Instagram to see what new items or ideas I have in the booth each week.If you see something you like, pm me asap and I’ll get your cottagecore decor on the way to you as soon as I can. Leave a comment. What do you think of Cottagecore?

cottage decor


5 Swoon-Worthy Patriotic Room Ideas: Wishlist for Summer Holidays

Patriotic Room Ideas: Red White and Blue or Neutrals for July 4th?

Independence Day on July 4th is fast upon us! What are you doing for your summer decor? Do you decorate for this patriotic holiday? If so, do you use the traditional red, white and blue or something more neutral?

It’s a hard thing for traditionalists like me to accept that primary colors, except for maybe navy blue, are not the “in thing” right now. With neutrals, white, beige and gray still dominating the decor landscape, it makes it difficult to decorate for holidays that have traditionally included red. I had a hard time getting rid of red when it started to fade in popularity. That’s why I think it’s perfect for holidays!

American Flag

Red is such a powerful color and therefore, creates swoon-worthy vignettes. I love the saying, “Free, because of the brave!” Old Glory’s stars and stripes are a great starting point for all patriotic decor throughout the year. From Martin Luther King Day to Veterans Day, red, white and blue shout freedom better than any other color combination. Don’t you agree?

If like me, you love a more traditional style of decor, then there’s no holiday – other than maybe Christmas – that opens up so many opportunities for a fun and festive vignette! Here are a few patriotic room ideas to inspire you to bring out the red, white and blue.

For a Vintage Mantel

French Laundry is a blogger with lovely French, vintage style. Her mantel shows her love of country, home and of course, antiques. A lovely combination of red, white and blue with vintage mirrors, ironstone and kerosene lanterns conjure of images of Betsy Ross sewing Old Glory by candlelight. The eagle placed center-stage makes my heart soar with love for the USA!

July 4 Mantel

“Land that I Love” – the Dining Room

Desiree G on Hometalk shows how to pull together a vintage chic centerpiece for our dining room table. She used simple vases with greenery and flags atop a blue and white striped tablecloth to showcase the stars and stripes.

patriotic dining room

A Simple Addition in the Bathroom

Kirsten with Home by KMB adds these lovely hand towels to her powder room for a touch of patriotism that’s not over the top. It’s perfect!

patriotic room ideas

Outdoor Patriotic Room Ideas

Her porch is adorable, too! Outdoor spaces are a perfect spot to show your patriotism.

patriotic porch

Decorate Your Mailbox for the 4th, too!

Chloe with Celebrate and Decorate shares how to make a shining example of patriotism by adding mailbox decor.

patriotic mailbox

I absolutely love patriotic decor. My most poignant memories include the days after 9/11 when flags were flying all over our country. Even during such an unsettled, sad time in our country’s history, it felt good to wave a flag. Our flag symbolized unity, courage and support of all military and first responders.

One of my favorite images is the one the firemen raised at Ground Zero while still searching for survivors. Other images include the flag raised over Iwo Jima during WWII and the Cambridge Cemetery of US soldiers in England. We are indeed free because of the brave and the fact that God shed His grace on us.

Cambridge Cemetery


Thank you to all who have given so much for our freedom!

Bring on the red, white and blue! 

For a great choice of patriotic, vintage decor, be sure to visit my booth at Southern Antiques & Accents. 254 S Greeno Road, Booth #115; Fairhope, AL 36532. There are lots of vendors who also have patriotic decor.

Call the store at 251-517-7047 for all your red, white and blue needs!

Happy 4th of July to all!

Thrifting with my Bestie in Baldwin County, AL

I love thrifting with my bestie! She lives about 40 minutes away from me. Yes, in ways, that’s sad, but in others, it makes for great Beth Days as I so lovingly call them. After such a year, these days have become even more priceless. Just getting out of the house cheers the soul, but spending the day in the presence of pure sunshine is like a shot of vitamin C. That is what a day of thrifting with my bestie is like for me.

The day begins with a mission of keeping treasures out of a landfill. This can be accomplished by venturing out into neighboring counties, as well. I love going to Mobile, Pensacola and even Birmingham on some shopping trips. At some point, a quick stop at my favorite consignment shops, or any special clearance sales going on nearby, make for a great day of shopping.

Add to that the value of supporting local charities like Waterfront Mission and a delicious lunch at the end of it all, and you have the makings of a wonderful, Covid-conquering day. If you, like me need a day out, let me encourage you to call your bestie and go thrifting!

thrifting with my bestie

Items Found While Thrifting with my Bestie


Here are the 3 thrifted items that she helped me pick out this month, and a few others that I’ve had in my stash for a while. I love shopping with Beth because she has a really good eye, has no trouble helping me spend my thrifting dollars 😉 and it always turns into a day of laughter including a couple of really deep belly laughs.

1) The first find of the day was this pair of wooden shelves.

I can’t wait to paint these. I’m trying to decide at this point whether they will end up in my house or the booth. What do you think? Paint them white? Gray? Leave them as is?

wooden shelves


2) Small round table.

My goal for the day was to find a small piece of furniture to paint white – because everything I paint white flies out of the booth in a matter of days. I forgot to snap a picture before I started painting, but here it is in painting stages.

thrifting with my bestie

Here’s the table in progress.

small round table one coat paint

Why hasn’t this chair sold???

There’s only one exception to my white-painted items and I still can’t quite figure it out. If you have any suggestions please share. This is a cane-backed folding chair that just hasn’t sold as quickly as I thought it would. My thought when I purchased was that since it is cane-backed and it folds away for easy storage, that it would fly right out of the booth, like everything else. But it hasn’t. I did reupholster the seat in a neutral ticking pattern. Should I change that to something more colorful? It’s only $25!

white folding chair

small round painted side table

Here is the table

3) Collection of small pitchers and cups.

Some of these will go to the booth as is to use as a vase for flowers. The others will be home to my new candle line. Post to follow about this new venture.

small pitchers collection

4) Carved Wooden Vessel

wooden carved vessel

painting a carved wooden vessel

work station

White Painted Vessel

This little treasure ended up in my keeping room. I’m using it to store coasters for that morning cup of coffee or evening glass of sweet tea!

thrifted update

Thrifting can also be a great way to put together a great wedding gift by beginning with a fun picnic basket.This is one of my favorite diy gifts I’ve ever put together. And it was a big hit with my cousin. Wedding night snacks with a bottle of champagne, glasses, chocolates, nuts, chips, bottled water and some really pretty wedding napkins. Then, of course, the basket can be reused for anniversaries or just a fun summer day. Click on “picnic basket” above to see the transformation with a little paint.

Wedding Night Picnic

Yes, this was a great day thrifting with my bestie! How do you spend your days out of the house these days? Let me encourage you to go thrifting! Better yet, bring your bestie to see all the new finds in my booth!

Thanks Beth, for a great day out! Hugs!

5 Occasions to Style Your Table with Heirloom China


What is heirloom china? It is a treasured part of our life stories. Recently, my friend Karen shared with me that she had inherited her aunt’s china and needed help coming up with ideas for setting a pretty table. I embraced the opportunity. It would be fun because I’ve always loved setting tables and even more so to spend this time with my friend. Helping her enjoy an heirloom from her aunt, Carolyn Landis Charles Wenger was a bonus.

What is Heirloom China?

Heirloom China

Karen’s dishes belonged to a dear aunt who used this china every holiday and special occasion. Karen has special Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving memories of passing dishes around the table to familiar faces. As I thought about this past year and how we were robbed of so many special occasions, I couldn’t wait to share this story. I counted it a privilege to share the legacy of this hand-me-down china. We designed 5 similar settings for 5 different occasions. I hope you’ll consider setting a pretty table with your grandmother’s fine china for either Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just a special breakfast in bed.

Pass the Peas, in my Heirloom China, Please!

There is great value in handing a dish around the table to your family. We used to do it every Sunday at either my mom-in-love or her mother’s house. I’m sure I didn’t appreciate enough, the effort that was put into those Sunday meals. There’s the planning, the shopping, the preparing, the presentation and then the clean up.

Valentine’s Day – 1

Valentine's Tablescape

As new homemakers, it can seem overwhelming to do ALL of this for one meal. But the more we do it, the easier it becomes. You may be saying it’s just too much trouble to pour up the fried okra or field peas or mashed potatoes into a pretty bowl to put on the buffet or the table itself. Why not just serve from the stove? My answer is because of the connection, the memory and the interaction around the table. It is priceless. Now that we are older and our children live in cities away from us, I cherish those times even more.

Valentine's Table for two

Do you feel closer to your family or those who prepared the meal when you sit around a table and pass the food? Isn’t it a sweet part of the meal experience? It isn’t something we do for every meal, but holidays are made all the more special with this tradition.

Valentine's Day Tablescape

I can’t help but laugh at one of Karen’s stories about a lidded bowl that was part of their meal experience. There was a certain bowl that was reserved by her aunt as the “English Pea” bowl. While Karen loved her aunt and the meals she shared at her table, she hated English Peas; so, when that bowl reached her, it was quickly passed on to the next person. But now, decades later, the bowl has been lovingly passed to her for keeps. She can choose what she wants to serve from that bowl and giggle at the thought that there will be no English Peas passed at her table. What a treasure! There’s more to this story, I’ll share below.

Lidded China Bowl with Handles

As I photographed her china, the cup and saucers seem to capture my focus. The sweet pattern, the delicate handles from which pinkies raise, the thin rims for warm tea sips and the saucers for any dribbles down the side made me want to put the kettle on. The original dish designers thought of everything, don’t you think? Having tea with a friend is an experience. I would even go so far as to say an emotional experience.

Tea Cup and Saucer

Tea Time with Heirloom Tea Cups and Saucers

2 – Tea Time

It’s been a while since I visited a tea room or served it from a teapot with cups, saucers and sugar cubes. But, funny thing is that I remember one time in particular like it was yesterday. We were in a tea room at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. My mom and sister in-loves and a few friends took a trip through England and Scotland. One day we decided to skip a museum tour and just sit in a tea room and enjoy the experience. And oh my, was it worth it! Tea and scones inside the cool walls of an ancient castle was a memory I won’t soon forget. In fact it’s one of my very favorite memories of all time. The teacups weren’t as pretty as Karen’s, but the experience of sharing it with friends and family was incredible.

Karen’s pretty tea cups will soon be enjoyed by lots of ladies in Foley, AL. Her aunt also had a luncheon set included in this collection that is perfect for tea time. She found a local tea room, the Copper Kettle Tea Bar, who is interested in purchasing these. It is endearing to Karen that these dishes will be enjoyed by ladies and gents who love to go to tea. I’ve been to this tea room several times. We both look forward to going together soon and enjoying tea with her grandmother’s china in a place that is special to us both. It is a fun place to meet a friend and share a cup of goodness. Next time you stop in, ask to be served with Karen’s Grandmother’s china.

Copper Kettle Tea Bar, Foley AL

From English Peas and Teas to Mother’s Day Treats

3 – Mother’s Day

Our next table was set for four to gather in honor of all mom’s. We added spring placemats, dessert compotes filled with chocolates and beautiful platters and bowls to be filled with all of her favorite dishes. We added my collection of small dessert glasses for a personal touch to each place setting.


Mother's Day Table Setting

These small glasses are perfect for port or individual desserts. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I like to make trifles or add favorite candies. My dad would have loved banana pudding in one of these on Father’s Day, perhaps. Although, he would have asked for seconds and maybe even thirds!

Vegetable Bowl

Celebrating Grandfather’s 85th Birthday

Birthdays – 4

Karen recently discovered through old photo albums that this china was originally owned by her grandmother. She found pictures of a party for her grandfather’s 85th birthday where the china is on the table as part of the celebration. She is the beautiful lady presenting him with the cake.

85th birthday party with heirloom china

Grandmother's China

bone china sugar and creamer

Finding these pictures brought back all kinds of wonderful memories. Having this china will bring these thoughts to mind now every time she uses it with her own family. Hopefully, as she passes it to her daughter someday, there will be more memories added to the value of this collection. This is the definition at its core of heirloom china. It’s all about the memories around the dinner table. Or perhaps on a tray in bed..

Breakfast in Bed – 5

One final setting with Karen’s treasured china is for a special breakfast in bed. It can be set to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or just to say “I love you.” Another special way to use our china is when a family member is feeling under the weather. Set a lovely tray with hot chicken soup and a simple bud vase to cheer. Of all of our settings that fun day of playing around the table, this was Karen’s favorite.

heirloom china for breakfast in bed

heirloom china for breakfast

serving breakfast in bed


Gifted China is Heirloom China

At the end of our heirloom china playtime, we sat down to enjoy a slice of cheesecake together. She had also brought the wedding cake server from her mom and dad’s wedding with her. It has played a part in many gatherings as well. She used it at her reception and then her daughter used it when she married. I counted it a blessing to serve our dessert on my own gifted china when we sat down to enjoy each other’s company.

wedding cake server

heirloom cake server

Engraved with JLC PAK 6-27-70

strawberry glazed cheesecake

Wedding Cake Server

Philip Andrew King and Judy Landis Charles – June 27, 1970

Serving the wedding cake

Wedding Table

Bride and Groom Cake

Jacob and Tiffany Palmer


Packing Up the Heirloom China

And then the sweetest part of the day. As she packed up all of her grandmother/aunt’s heirloom china, she left a bowl out. She decided to give me a piece of this treasured collection. From now on, at any of my family gatherings where we get to pass the peas, I’ll get to use the “English Pea” bowl. I love it! It will be a gift I cherish forever! This bowl has been part of my sweet friend’s life and family for generations and now it’s part of mine. What a blessing! Thank you, Karen, for being such a blessing in my life! I hope others gain a new love for heirloom china after seeing how treasured yours has been in your life.

Vegetable Bowl with Lid

How do you use your china these days?


8 Cute Before and After Thrifting Updates

Last month CoziNest was busy doing lots of thrifting updates. I decided to set up a work table in a bedroom and do several projects at one time. It was like a fun little assembly line of treasures. I absolutely love giving a little extra love to something someone else has decided has seen its best days. Enjoy these before and after thrifting updates. 

Before and After Thrifting Updates

thrifting updates

Here are a few of the projects. From left to right, a set of three green glass canisters, a French Cafe Clock in aqua, a sign that wasn’t selling in my booth and another little blank sign I picked up. Here’s what I did to each one. Let me know your thoughts.

Green Glass Canisters

I’m a YouTube addict now that my sister shared with me some of the channels she follows. After watching a DIYer use spackling to update some old glass vases, I thought I would try it on these glass canisters. I love how they turned out. What do you think?

set of 3 green canisters

Here are the three canisters with their lids.

Greased Lightning

First thing I did was lightly sand the glass, wipe off dust and then clean thoroughly with Greased Lightning.

DryDex Spackling

Next I applied spackling to the glass where I wanted to add texture. I allowed it to dry overnight. I then lightly sanded it again to smooth out any uneven places.

pink spackle on glass

Then I painted them with Valspar Paint and Primer. I stuffed the inside with plastic bags to prevent leakage of paint inside the jars. I wanted to keep the inside safe for food. Then I painted them with Dixie Belle White Mineral Paint.

three canisters after dixie belle paint

Dixie Belle Thrifting Update

I sealed them with Polyacrylic. And they are now in the booth, ready for someone else to love them.

white canisters


Small Stenciled Signs, Wall Hooks and Clock

Bath Wall Decor

Bath Decor

I think these turned out so cute! I simply painted them with primer and then black Dixie Belle paint. I picked up the stencil at Hobby Lobby and used white acrylic paint from my craft supplies.

wall hooks before

Here are the wall hooks before I painted and added a Silhouette vinyl to each.

his and her wall hooks
His and Her wall hooks


White tabletop clock

It won’t hurt my feelings if I have to bring this clock back home! I painted it white and lightly distressed the edges. 

I got word that my corner curio sold, so I needed something to replace it in the booth. I picked up a crescent shaped desk from Waterfront Mission in Foley and got to work on it pronto. I don’t like things sitting in the floor of my booth! And I fell in love with the shape of this desk.

Crescent Shaped Desk

desk front before painting

Someone had painted the legs in a shabby chic method and left the top in natural wood. I sanded the whole thing, cleaned the hardware, primed and then painted with Valspar Paint and Primer in one. I sealed with Polyacrylic. The hardware was not very pretty, so I spray painted it in an antique brass. I love how it turned out!

Backside of Desk

White Desk for Sale
White desk with gold handles.

For now it is loaded with great finds for my Valentine’s shoppers. Let me know what you like the best. There were two other candlesticks that somehow I didn’t get the before picture of, but here is how they turned out. They had a sticky residue on them in rusty red. After I cleaned them, the sticky went away. ;). So, I was pleased with the outcome. I loved the modern shape. I think they will fit in any decor, from Farmhouse to Modern.


white modern candlesticks

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I refurbished these few items. I hope it inspires you to save something from a landfill. If you like these ideas, please invite me back to your inbox. I only visit your inbox when I have some really fun updates, news or tips to share, about once per month. Thanks for reading today. Be blessed!