Natural Stone Bracelets to Diffuse Tension in the Office or Home

Have you ever just wanted to cry because of the stress and pressure of a long day?  Sometimes no matter how hard we try, the thoughts and worries of life seem to hang like a stone around our neck. But what if there were actual stones to drape around our neck or adorn our wrists that help to slow the tumbling avalanche that is our thoughts? Natural Stone Bracelets when coupled with essential oils, help smooth not only the surface, but our deepest, darkest moods.

diffusing tension

Diffusing Tension

A friend of mine recently told me this story about using essential oils in her office.  She works in an environment that at times is dark and depressing. Her office is secluded from others. She and the staff struggle to remain positive in an office that deals with mostly bad news on a daily basis. She stumbled on an opportunity to try essential oils. After several days of diffusing lavender oil she noticed that people in the office started hanging out at her door. They wanted to talk and seemed more cheerful. Funny thing, tho. They had no idea why!

The next oil she tried was spearmint. It seemed to energize those who spent time in her office. Work was getting done in a timely manner and moods were improved. She began experimenting with blended oils and after some time, the mood of the office was much improved. The bad news was still shared on a daily basis, but was undeveloped in the minds of the staff.

David and Goliath

Goliath was the proverbial giant of obstacles. But, a young David had a stone and a sling. He was able to stop the enemy by slinging a natural stone. While, this post does not promise any particular outcome, why not try a much smaller stone to moderate the stresses that seem unsolvable?

Since my friend shared her story, I have started using essential oils, too. I diffuse them with steam in my bedroom in the morning and before bedtime. My diffuser is rather large and the aroma spreads throughout most of the house. Unfortunately, not all employers will allow a diffuser in the office. So CoziNest now suggests the simple use of natural stone bracelets with pure essential oils.

Natural stone bracelets

Just dribble a couple of drops of the fragrance-of-your-choice to a natural stone bracelet and rub the bracelet in your hands. It will not only distribute the oil across the beads, but will also create an “aroma tent” in your palms to inhale the essence. Wear the charm of the day on your wrist and inhale periodically through the day. We currently have lavender oil in stock. As the demand increases, we will add other oils to our list of favorites.


Natural Stone Bracelets

Wiktionary defines bracelet as a small “piece of defensive armor for the arm.”   I propose that this is exactly what a natural stone bracelet with essential oil is. It is a defensive armor against unhealthy living. There are oils that are ingested for our health, inhaled for our mood and applied to the skin for healing various conditions.


Benefits to Essential Oils

 *** Oils have been used in healing since ancient times. Many priests use them for anointing and treating several types of maladies. 

😇  The oils give you energy. You’ll stay focused to complete your tasks without the jitters you get with caffeine.

🍽  Activates enzymes in your digestive system to help with upset tummies.

📚  Improves your learning, memory, and focus.

😎  Boosts your immune system and helps keep you healthy.

I’m not an expert by any means, but since my friend introduced me, I love using these oils. If you would like to try this simple way to make your office or home more inviting and pleasant, try burning candles at home, and wearing natural stone bracelets with essential oils at work.

If you happen to be a candle girl, then here is one that will transport you to a tropical paradise! These candles are infused with citrus essential oils and will delight your senses.

Brookstone Candle Set of 2


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The 10 Rewarding Roles We Women Live Daily

The 10 or so Roles We Live By

On my “About Me” page I mentioned the roles we live by. Not rules. That’s not a typo. Hehe. Stephen Covey talks about our roles in life and how focusing on them can help us find our purpose in life. I find that especially true when we, as women, enter the empty nest stage of life. How many hats do you wear?

We are still mothers, but parenting adult children is different than it was when they were in grade school. We are still wives, but now we can focus more on each other as spouses than we could while taxiing the kids to and from baseball practice or ballet lessons. Our roles may be the same, but with different or expanded perimeters now that the nest has emptied. How have you adjusted? Are you in the early stage of finding perhaps a new role or are you full throttle into a new and joyful life?

I started this blog as my newest role after my daughter went to college. It has been a tremendous blessing. Then, I opened an antique booth and worked that business for 5 years. That too was a blessing, offering me a way to meet and make new friends, earn a little fun money and provide others a fun shopping experience in a local antique mall.

Writer - One of our Roles

Now, I’m returning to the role as writer, encourager, and hopefully friend to those who are interested in finding or improving their roles in life during the golden years.

Discovering Your Roles

Here’s a list of my roles to help you name yours.

  • Believer, Child of the King
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Mother-in-love
  • Daughter/In-love
  • Sister/In-love
  • Grandmother (someday for me)
  • Friend
  • Neighbor
  • Writer/Blogger

Each week, as I plan my days ahead, I look at this list and brainstorm ideas of ways to bless those affected by the many hats I wear. How do you fulfill your roles?


The Spirit of Gardening

Emilie Barnes is another author who inspired me to live my best life. Check out these other posts to help you think through your roles or how to fulfill them.

The Spirit of Loveliness: Hospitality

The Spirit of Loveliness: In the Garden

For instance, my role as believer leads me to study His word and pray in order to have a relationship with the Father. This one role filters down through all the others. He teaches me to prioritize what is important.

Just this morning I was reminded to seek His kingdom and all things like food, clothing and my very purpose in life will come to me. Speaking of clothing, there are so many different hats we women wear.

Please leave a comment describing your empty nest and how you are filling it these days.

Mary and Her Perfect Son

Mary, the Mother of Jesus

It is believed that Mary lived 11 years after the death of her son, Jesus. We don’t have much more information about Mary. We know this:

  • she was likely about 12-15 years old when she was betrothed to Joseph
  • she was a virgin when Jesus was conceived
  • she was from the lineage of Judah
  • some believe she was conceived miraculously like Samuel and grew up in the temple
  • John the Baptist moved in his mother’s womb when he heard Mary’s voice
  • she gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem
  • she had to run for His life
  • She searched for her son when she thought He was lost
  • she instructed those at the wedding to do whatever He told them to
  • she was at the crucifixion
  • she lived with John after the death and resurrection of Jesus
  • she was in the upper room on the day of Pentecost

From the Perspective of Mary

The Bible tells us not to add to or take away one letter of our Holy Scriptures, so please be aware that what I’m sharing here is not meant to teach any doctrine or lead anyone to any conclusions about Mary. A friend of mine asked me to write something from the perspective of Mary, as a mother who’s lost her son specifically between the time of His death and resurrection. Tough assignment. But the things I’ll learn along the way could be incredible. I accept the challenge.

As I begin this assignment, it’s the day before Mother’s Day. I will likely get a phone call from my son who lives across the country. I will be having lunch with my daughter.  I think they are perfect. I love all that they have accomplished so far in their lives.

Life is so unfair

I’m imagining what it would be like to lose my perfect son who is the promised ONE of Israel. I’ve been visited by angels, gotten pregnant miraculously, given birth in a cave and watched my son grow into a perfect human/god man. I’ve found Him after He was lost. I’ve heard Him explain that He was on a mission from God since He was about 11 years old. I’ve seen Him perform miracles. I’ve listened to Him teach multitudes. People follow Him. I’ve watched as He was falsely accused, sentenced and crucified for crimes He didn’t commit. Life is so unfair. Or is it?

As a Jewish woman, I was expecting King Jesus to victoriously take the throne and rule the universe from Jerusalem. That’s not what happened. Instead He healed the sick, preached do unto others, called the ruling religious leaders vipers and introduced us to the Father. He cried. He raised people from the dead. He taught us to be fishers of men. He was tempted. He prayed. He ripped the Veil. He finished His mission. Dead. Did she know that wasn’t the end?

Mother of the Ages

Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Would you sign up for this mother of the year award? Is it fair to have a perfect son murdered right before your eyes? Did she understand it was a voluntary death and not murder at the time? Could you lie at the foot of a cross and watch as your son bled and suffocated to death? As memories of the lame walking and the blind having their eyes opened flood your mind, could you sit and listen as soldiers wager over your son’s clothing? Clothing that only 33 short years ago was a swaddling blanket?

No life is not always fair. I lost my father a year ago due to human error. There are people to blame for his death. But, he is with Mary’s SON now and I wouldn’t bring him back here for anything. He was a son and as perfect as we all thought he was, he had faults. I have wished at times that those people could be held responsible for his death. But, this morning I’m thinking about Mary.

Mary was a different kind of mother

Mary was a mother just like me. She loved her son and if there was ever a woman justified in being proud of her son’s accomplishments, it was Mary. But, she was different. I believe that the clue we get of her dedication to her Lord is where we find her after His death. She wasn’t protesting HIS death in the streets. She didn’t request meetings with government officials. She didn’t hide away and grieve herself to death. Jesus gave John the responsibility of caring for His mother and on the Day of Pentecost that is where we find her. (Acts1:14). In the Upper Room, with the 11 disciples and others totaling about 120 people, Mary is following the instruction of Jesus. Wait here and the Holy Spirit will come and baptize you in fire. (Acts1:4) Why was she there? To see her son again? Yes, that is likely, but I believe more than that, she believed His gospel and wanted to be part of it. Her feet were ready to “shod the gospel”. I don’t know what Mary did during those 11 years after His resurrection, but as they say, it’s all about location, location, location. She was by His side then and surely she is now.

Each of us at one time or another take up a cause because of injustice or an untimely death. Mary was found doing just that … only she took up a cross. Just as we are called to do. Take up your cross and follow me. (Matthew 16:24). I ask all mothers on this Mother’s Day to consider Mary. Call to Him. Be ready. Wait for His instruction and then spend the rest of your life whether it’s 11 or 111 years, serving the Perfect Son.

Preparing a Place for Our Lord

Seven years ago, I was asked to write this post. I never published it and I honestly don’t know why. I don’t remember why Preparing a Place was discarded and forgotten. But I do know why I want to publish it now.

Preparing a Place

I don’t remember a time when I have felt more honored or more sheepish. My friend, Debbie Hughett, has asked me to be a guest writer on her blog, Musings on Prayer. Her request was to contrast CoziNest (simple, beautiful, cozy, home) with Our Lord “preparing a place for us.” (John 14:2)  I am honored to guest-post, Debbie, and in so many ways…. I love you for asking.

Debbie had no idea what she was asking, but HE knew. You see, my heart has not been a very welcoming place for Him for a few years. I can blame it on moves, not finding a church home in a new community, preachers teaching from Hollywood headlines, etc. etc., (not my current church 🙂 )  but I know the real problem. As a child, I was known to stomp my feet, march down the hallway and slam the door to my room when I didn’t get my way; and I’m pretty sure that I’ve done just that as an adult with my FATHER. I’ve taken up the welcome mat and kept that door shut indefinitely. And… just like as a child, it was over something juvenile. I didn’t get my way.

How Cozy is My Nest?

Now, as Debbie has obediently followed the leading of the Holy Spirit, I’m forced to ask the question, “How cozy is my spiritual nest? How simple is my faith? And as He prepares a beautiful place for me someday, have I, in turn, made my earthly nest a cozy place for Him to dwell?” Do I feel at home with Him? No, not in a long time. But, in His everlasting love and mercy, He has ever so gently nudged me through Debbie, 7 years ago, and a Covenant Bible Study today, to “Come Unto Him,” again. This is where I feel sheepish. We all, like sheep, have gone astray. (Isaiah 53:6):

We All Like Sheep.jpg

Here is the scripture Debbie originally referenced:

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also… (John 14:3)

Isn’t that the ultimate form of welcome? I want you where I am. Let me repeat that… I want you where I am. He wants me where He is? Who am I? I’m a foot-stomping, hall-marching, door-slamming, mat-taker-upper… brat! I’m reminded of Jesus writing in the sand while those around Him asked to stone a woman to death. (John 8: 6-11)

Writer on the Sand.jpg

Jesus doesn’t stomp His foot…no He simply writes in the sand. You may recall, as the adulteress was thrown in front of Him while self-appointed judges asked to stone her, He first addressed them, not her. He knew they were testing Him on the Law, so He faced their accusers. It’s amazing that as I read this, I noticed for the first time that they were both facing accusers. Jesus and an adulteress, facing the same crowd of finger-pointers. And His response…”You, without sin, cast the first stone.” One by one, they left, leaving Jesus alone with the woman. She was alone with The Son of God. He straightened up from His drawing in the sand, looked into her face and offered these words of comfort….”Neither do I condemn you; go your way. From now on sin no more.”  Oh my!  Alone AND forgiven.

I’m reminded…He wants us where He is, in a warm, forgiving, cozy space without a single accuser. On earth, we can have that in our prayer closet, but someday, we will have it in the place He has prepared for us.

Today, I am forced to see myself as a woman thrown in the sand. I am forced to see myself as He does. I’m the one who doesn’t stay in the sand, but gets up and stomps my foot in it. I have tested my Lord just as surely as those men did thousands of years ago. But where are my accusers? Who stands to cast a stone? Not a single person. Why?  Because they do not matter as much as one grain of sand in my salvation. I am face to face with THE ONE who wants me where HE is. And home, my friends, is where there is no condemnation. Simple. Cozy. Beautiful. Home. with HIM. Because of HIM, I am not condemned.

I originally drafted this post 7 years ago. So much has happened in those 7 years, but suffice it to say, I am now face to face with this same question. During the study, Covenant, by Kay Arthur with Precept Ministries God has once again reminded me of the importance of giving my WHOLE heart and life to HIM. I am faced with the question again, “Have I prepared a place in my heart and in my life, where HE is KING?”

In all honesty, my home is filled with all sorts of things I love, but not enough of WHOM I love. Are the things wrong? I’m not sure yet, but I’m open to the possibility. As I think about preparing a place here on earth for HIM to dwell, I know it is in my heart, not my home per se that HE lives. But has my heart become so crowded that there’s no room for HIM? Is HE forced to once again, be turned away for lack of space? Has HE found a more suitable place in a cave with animals than with one HE created in HIS image? I’m 61 and as I get older these questions weigh heavier on my heart than they did when I was 31.

The future of this website and in particular this blog is under the prayerful watch of my LORD. I’m not sure as I write this where it’s going. I know that when I drafted this post 7 years ago I was convicted that my house needed remodeling. It was time to redecorate with my DESIGNER. As Covid forced us to stay home, like many others, we noticed things that needed physical updating in several rooms. We began planning what to do in each room and then each week in our study, the LORD began to show me areas in the chambers of my heart that needed sweeping, updating, and sprucing. I am seeking a freshness. Cleanliness. I want a clear vision in each room, without clutter and needless stuff that could fill barns to overflowing, but leave me empty and wanting.

Matthew 6:20

“But store up for yourselves treasures in heavenwhere neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;

Luke 12:20

Then he said, ‘This is what I will do: I will tear down my barns and build larger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my goods. And I will say to my soul, “Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years to come; take your ease, eat, drink and be merry.”’ But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your soul is required of you; and now who will own what you have prepared?’ So is the man who stores up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.”


“Now who will own what you have prepared?”

This sentence spoke to me. In my business, I go to a lot of estate sales. When we do finally arrive at the place HE has prepared for us, there’s a lot of stuff left over that our family doesn’t want or need. Have you noticed how the next generation doesn’t want or seem to need the heirlooms we want to pass down to them? They also desire a simple, more minimalistic lifestyle. Oh, that I might be a student of this generation!

What if we passed more love, joy and kindness or goodness down to the next generation? What if our kids remember us for our faithfulness? What if our neighbors tell others how patient and gentle we were them? What if we prepared a place here that others want to mimic in their own homes? A place where rust or moth can’t destroy, and a place where if a thief tried to break in and steal, they would find things we would want them to have?

Galatians 5:22

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” (Galatians 5:22)

There are nine characteristics of the fruit. Only 9. I pray that our homes will be filled with love which is likely the only real path to joy. I ask that the LORD help us to be at peace with our families and neighbors. I beg HIM to help us be longsuffering with our fellowman, since HE is our ultimate example of this. May our hearts be filled with kindness and goodness toward each other. Like Thomas, I pray that we can see and feel HIS scars so that we are faithful in return. I ask that our judgment and callousness be replaced with gentleness. And so that all this might be real and obvious in our lives, I ask for self-control and discipline.

The Spirit of Loveliness

I am prayerfully preparing a place. I hope it’s a place where people feel loved, experience joy and know HIM deeply. HE has a long way to go as my DESIGNER, but HE is faithful. I pray my heart is open and receptive to HIS plans.

Thank you, Lord for wanting me where YOU are. Thank you for preparing a place for me. I want YOU where I am. In my heart. And I pray that my home is where YOU want to be, so that others will want to be here, too. Fill my home with the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

The True Love of the World

Last night, after a delicious meal at our favorite restaurant in Fairhope; I was overwhelmed at the true love I felt during our date night out. While wrapping up our dessert I received the sweetest text from my brother-in-law, Dave. He was thanking me for his mom for my prayers 6 years ago on his behalf. I wasn’t thinking about those prayers. In fact, JB and I had just been reminiscing about special times we shared with each other and our children over the last 43 Valentine’s we’ve shared together. It was the sweetest time together.

Valentine's Tablescape

It was in the midst of these great memories that I received the text from Dave thanking me for my prayers 6 years ago. He even had a copy of the prayers I lifted on his behalf. There were literally 100’s if not 1,000’s praying for his physical healing back then, because he is truly loved by many. I believe wholeheartedly that GOD heard the masses praying for him along with my little prayers from Fairhope because there is power in prayer. But, to receive this text on this particular day is nothing short of a miracle from heaven above. Why you ask?

The True Love of the World

Yesterday I published the post about Heirloom China and received the nicest replies from my friend Karen, her daughter, husband and her father. It made my day. I had scheduled to publish this post on Valentine’s Day because that was the first tablescape idea we styled with the china she inherited from her aunt. Late yesterday afternoon she shared with me how members of her family had tears in their eyes as they read my post. It moved them to see her in photos with her grandfather who passed away on February 14th years ago. Her husband never got to meet him. I had no idea her grandfather died on Valentine’s Day. I believe God used me and that post to bless her family in a way that I never expected. I felt the love of my friend and felt once again the reassurance that my blog has a purpose. I confess that there are times I picture myself writing/speaking to an empty conference room. It can be disheartening.

Empty room

Then, as I read through the message from Dave’s mom the quote from the Statue of Liberty popped into mind. I didn’t know why at the time.

Statue of Liberty

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

I immediately thought of the true love of our lives.  The true lamp of the world is Jesus Christ. He is the Light of the World. The DOOR to Heaven is Jesus Christ. He calls to this world that He gave His life for to come to Him to breathe free. He suffered and died so that the masses of tired, masses of poor, those who feel wretched like a piece of refuse, the tempest-tossed, and all the homeless can come to Him and enter into covenant with HIM. It is out of HIS great kindness that HE offers us repentance.

Everlasting Covenant with the God of the Universe

HE is a word-keeping GOD. When we come to HIM acknowledging that we need HIM and that we are not righteous as HE is, the GOD of the universe enters into covenant with us just as HE did with Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and through the Messiah.

rainbow a sign of promise
Natural rainbow. a sign of covenant

This is the true love of the world. There is no greater love than that of a man who will lay down his life for another. Christ is our example. As I contemplate the day of love fashioned by the world, I couldn’t let this day go by without inviting whoever might read this to come to the Light. Knock and the DOOR shall be opened.

All of this contemplation started with a thank you from my brother-in-law. God heard our prayers and healed him to a purpose. HE used him in ways where we see HIS purpose in Dave’s life then and now. He and my sister, Kristie are now allowing God to use them to teach us the meaning of being in covenant with the God of the universe. It is a life changer. A heart surgery by the greatest surgeon of all time.

I can’t begin to explain in this little blog post the great love I’ve felt today. I’ve marveled at the love God has and had for Dave 6 years ago. The love HE had for us to hear our prayers is overwhelming. The love He has shown me through my husband, friends and my extended family today is priceless.  The love HE has for Karen and her family, as HE comforts her on Valentine’s Day through a post about heirloom china. The thing I’ve learned today is that when I pay attention there is love all around me. And sometimes it even shows up from years previous.

the true love of this world

It surprised me at first that the quote from the Statue of Liberty is what came to mind when I received his text message.  Why didn’t the Lord remind me of scripture instead? I even replied to my sister and brother-in-law that I felt I was reacting quite dramatically to his gratitude by quoting from the statue. But, then I was reminded of HIS covenant. It was offered to Noah as an everlasting promise, to Abraham and all his descendants – FOREVER!! His covenant is for all who believe and obey HIS GOSPEL. If that is not for the masses, I don’t know what is!  When I think of the love that has transpired through the ages for each generation from the beginning of time to now, I am awed. I am humbled at HIS greatness through the ages. The love HE shows me by reminding me years later that HE listens and hears me when I pray is powerful.

true love of the world

The freedom offered through Jesus Christ is everlasting. And I am reminded that even an audience of one who might be comforted by this message makes it purposeful. I hope you felt loved yesterday. I most hope you felt loved by Jesus, the true love of this world.

5 Occasions to Style Your Table with Heirloom China


What is heirloom china? It is a treasured part of our life stories. Recently, my friend Karen shared with me that she had inherited her aunt’s china and needed help coming up with ideas for setting a pretty table. I embraced the opportunity. It would be fun because I’ve always loved setting tables and even more so to spend this time with my friend. Helping her enjoy an heirloom from her aunt, Carolyn Landis Charles Wenger was a bonus.

What is Heirloom China?

Heirloom China

Karen’s dishes belonged to a dear aunt who used this china every holiday and special occasion. Karen has special Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving memories of passing dishes around the table to familiar faces. As I thought about this past year and how we were robbed of so many special occasions, I couldn’t wait to share this story. I counted it a privilege to share the legacy of this hand-me-down china. We designed 5 similar settings for 5 different occasions. I hope you’ll consider setting a pretty table with your grandmother’s fine china for either Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just a special breakfast in bed.

Pass the Peas, in my Heirloom China, Please!

There is great value in handing a dish around the table to your family. We used to do it every Sunday at either my mom-in-love or her mother’s house. I’m sure I didn’t appreciate enough, the effort that was put into those Sunday meals. There’s the planning, the shopping, the preparing, the presentation and then the clean up.

Valentine’s Day – 1

Valentine's Tablescape

As new homemakers, it can seem overwhelming to do ALL of this for one meal. But the more we do it, the easier it becomes. You may be saying it’s just too much trouble to pour up the fried okra or field peas or mashed potatoes into a pretty bowl to put on the buffet or the table itself. Why not just serve from the stove? My answer is because of the connection, the memory and the interaction around the table. It is priceless. Now that we are older and our children live in cities away from us, I cherish those times even more.

Valentine's Table for two

Do you feel closer to your family or those who prepared the meal when you sit around a table and pass the food? Isn’t it a sweet part of the meal experience? It isn’t something we do for every meal, but holidays are made all the more special with this tradition.

Valentine's Day Tablescape

I can’t help but laugh at one of Karen’s stories about a lidded bowl that was part of their meal experience. There was a certain bowl that was reserved by her aunt as the “English Pea” bowl. While Karen loved her aunt and the meals she shared at her table, she hated English Peas; so, when that bowl reached her, it was quickly passed on to the next person. But now, decades later, the bowl has been lovingly passed to her for keeps. She can choose what she wants to serve from that bowl and giggle at the thought that there will be no English Peas passed at her table. What a treasure! There’s more to this story, I’ll share below.

Lidded China Bowl with Handles

As I photographed her china, the cup and saucers seem to capture my focus. The sweet pattern, the delicate handles from which pinkies raise, the thin rims for warm tea sips and the saucers for any dribbles down the side made me want to put the kettle on. The original dish designers thought of everything, don’t you think? Having tea with a friend is an experience. I would even go so far as to say an emotional experience.

Tea Cup and Saucer

Tea Time with Heirloom Tea Cups and Saucers

2 – Tea Time

It’s been a while since I visited a tea room or served it from a teapot with cups, saucers and sugar cubes. But, funny thing is that I remember one time in particular like it was yesterday. We were in a tea room at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. My mom and sister in-loves and a few friends took a trip through England and Scotland. One day we decided to skip a museum tour and just sit in a tea room and enjoy the experience. And oh my, was it worth it! Tea and scones inside the cool walls of an ancient castle was a memory I won’t soon forget. In fact it’s one of my very favorite memories of all time. The teacups weren’t as pretty as Karen’s, but the experience of sharing it with friends and family was incredible.

Karen’s pretty tea cups will soon be enjoyed by lots of ladies in Foley, AL. Her aunt also had a luncheon set included in this collection that is perfect for tea time. She found a local tea room, the Copper Kettle Tea Bar, who is interested in purchasing these. It is endearing to Karen that these dishes will be enjoyed by ladies and gents who love to go to tea. I’ve been to this tea room several times. We both look forward to going together soon and enjoying tea with her grandmother’s china in a place that is special to us both. It is a fun place to meet a friend and share a cup of goodness. Next time you stop in, ask to be served with Karen’s Grandmother’s china.

Copper Kettle Tea Bar, Foley AL

From English Peas and Teas to Mother’s Day Treats

3 – Mother’s Day

Our next table was set for four to gather in honor of all mom’s. We added spring placemats, dessert compotes filled with chocolates and beautiful platters and bowls to be filled with all of her favorite dishes. We added my collection of small dessert glasses for a personal touch to each place setting.


Mother's Day Table Setting

These small glasses are perfect for port or individual desserts. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I like to make trifles or add favorite candies. My dad would have loved banana pudding in one of these on Father’s Day, perhaps. Although, he would have asked for seconds and maybe even thirds!

Vegetable Bowl

Celebrating Grandfather’s 85th Birthday

Birthdays – 4

Karen recently discovered through old photo albums that this china was originally owned by her grandmother. She found pictures of a party for her grandfather’s 85th birthday where the china is on the table as part of the celebration. She is the beautiful lady presenting him with the cake.

85th birthday party with heirloom china

Grandmother's China

bone china sugar and creamer

Finding these pictures brought back all kinds of wonderful memories. Having this china will bring these thoughts to mind now every time she uses it with her own family. Hopefully, as she passes it to her daughter someday, there will be more memories added to the value of this collection. This is the definition at its core of heirloom china. It’s all about the memories around the dinner table. Or perhaps on a tray in bed..

Breakfast in Bed – 5

One final setting with Karen’s treasured china is for a special breakfast in bed. It can be set to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or just to say “I love you.” Another special way to use our china is when a family member is feeling under the weather. Set a lovely tray with hot chicken soup and a simple bud vase to cheer. Of all of our settings that fun day of playing around the table, this was Karen’s favorite.

heirloom china for breakfast in bed

heirloom china for breakfast

serving breakfast in bed


Gifted China is Heirloom China

At the end of our heirloom china playtime, we sat down to enjoy a slice of cheesecake together. She had also brought the wedding cake server from her mom and dad’s wedding with her. It has played a part in many gatherings as well. She used it at her reception and then her daughter used it when she married. I counted it a blessing to serve our dessert on my own gifted china when we sat down to enjoy each other’s company.

wedding cake server

heirloom cake server

Engraved with JLC PAK 6-27-70

strawberry glazed cheesecake

Wedding Cake Server

Philip Andrew King and Judy Landis Charles – June 27, 1970

Serving the wedding cake

Wedding Table

Bride and Groom Cake

Jacob and Tiffany Palmer


Packing Up the Heirloom China

And then the sweetest part of the day. As she packed up all of her grandmother/aunt’s heirloom china, she left a bowl out. She decided to give me a piece of this treasured collection. From now on, at any of my family gatherings where we get to pass the peas, I’ll get to use the “English Pea” bowl. I love it! It will be a gift I cherish forever! This bowl has been part of my sweet friend’s life and family for generations and now it’s part of mine. What a blessing! Thank you, Karen, for being such a blessing in my life! I hope others gain a new love for heirloom china after seeing how treasured yours has been in your life.

Vegetable Bowl with Lid

How do you use your china these days?