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What Cottagecore Will Teach You About Simple Living

Cottagecore, where have I been all your life?

What if the next time you walked into a room, you remembered why you’re in there? Cottagecore is the new buzzword in home lifestyle, decor and simple living. It reminds us what our grandparents taught us about being good stewards of what God has given us and forces us to declutter. As we declutter our homes and our minds, life becomes simple, conscientious, and even resolute. And yes, in a more peaceful environment, we just might actually remember what we walked into this room for in the first place.

cottagecore pin

When I began CoziNest 8 years ago, my tagline was Simple. Cozy. Beautiful. Home.

If only someone had introduced me to Cottagecore back when I started CoziNest, my business would have been on a wholistic, inspirational, environmentally friendly path from which I would never have strayed! According to The Good Trade, “society turns to the past to soothe the stresses of the present,” and Cottagecore is at the heart of this search.

Farmhouse in a long flowing skirt

My mission with CoziNest was to put vintage and antique treasures into the hands of this generation in order to keep our landfills free of heirlooms. If I’d been a bit quicker in my cluttered brain, I might have conveyed this mission in a much more fun and inviting way. In a nutshell, I could have shared how Cottagecore is Farmhouse in a long flowing skirt. 

day nine poster

This poster by Jamie Beck sells for $50 and embodies the whole idea of Cottagecore in this one image. I am not an affiliate and make no commission if you purchase. I just love the picture.

What is Cottagecore?

I can’t find it now, but one of my first posts written to explain the goals and purpose of CoziNest was about my favorite antique in my home. It’s a small, Queen Anne secretary that I found in an antique store in Mobile, AL. in 1997. I loved it the minute I laid eyes on it!

I remember imagining that an English lady may have once written her morning letters at that desk. I imagined her staring out of a window of a country estate into a delightful garden with quill in hand. Her skirts were flowing beneath the desk, tea steaming in a cup beside her with a Cocker Spaniel at her heels, as she planned her day. This picture in my mind from 1997 now describes what Cottagecore is at heart.

  1. Cottagecore looks to the past for solutions to today’s problems.
  2. Simple living is the mission statement.
  3. There is a definitive connection to the earth, with a determination to be good stewards of what God has given us.
  4. It is peace seeking.
  5. Creation in the home is what makes the house beautiful.
  6. Cozy is a buzzword.
  7. Cottagecore embraces inspiration, meditation, prayer.

How can you bring Cottagecore into your home?

tea time

There are several ways to add Cottagecore to your lifestyle. Here are just a few:

  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Add quilts and blankets, particularly to sit on outdoors
  • Florals and greenery, both real and faux
  • Lots of baskets

baskets on bicycles

  • Storybooks on the coffee table and to read
  • Tea tins in the kitchen
  • Teacups and pots in the cupboard
  • Share a cup of tea with friends and family. Sit. Be still. Enjoy.
  • Use antiques and vintage items instead of plastics in the kitchen

cottagecore vintage accessories

  • bake fresh breads
  • take up sewing
  • add landscapes with fields and streams, mountains and beach scenes to your walls
  • grow your own herbs, vegetables, orchards of fruit trees and flowers
  • Picture Orchard House from Little Women and you’ve got a good idea of what Cottagecore is

what is cottagecore

Looking over this list of Cottagecore basics, I’m once again reminded of what I wanted for CoziNest from the very beginning. It’s also a bit funny that my favorite literary story of all time is Little Women and life at Orchard House is a great description of this lifestyle.

Questions to Ask about Cottagecore

What decor embodies the cottagecore lifestyle?

All things vintage and antique give a romantic feel to the home. Using wood, glass, china and all natural products enhance the home. It’s most things traditional, bohemian, primitive and farmhouse.

Do homemade products fit into the cottagecore lifestyle?

Absolutely! Making your own laundry, bath and dish soap and putting them in pretty glass containers is a perfect example of making life more simple, caring for our families and the planet.

Why is Cottagecore described as peaceful?

Living off the land, looking to the past for current life solutions and seeking inspiration from creation leads to a more peaceful lifestyle. It is a conscious choice to unplug, breathe in nature, and make eye contact with our friends and family. When you think of Little Women, do you think that was a simpler time? Not necessarily easier, but simpler. No dishwasher, but valuable time spent talking to our family as we washed, dried and put away our supper dishes. Entertainment was a picnic, piano or acting out a favorite literary piece.

How can we promote/embrace this simpler way of life?

Invite friends over for a piece of fresh baked pie or a cup of tea. Plan a picnic with fresh, homemade cookies or lemonade, pack a picnic basket with sandwiches and throw in a vintage quilt to sit on the ground. Use earth-friendly products. Burn nature scented candles in the home. Sit with a child and read a storybook with gorgeous illustrations. Go for a bike ride and bring home wildflowers for a vase you found in an antique mall. Use glass, wood, wicker and ceramic for storage. Limit plastics in your home.

What should a vintage/antique dealer be on the lookout for to be prepared for this new – old lifestyle?
  • romantic florals, chintz fabrics, quilts and beautiful linens and textiles
  • baskets, baskets, baskets
  • tea tins
  • tea cups and teapots
  • storybooks – the kind with illustrations
  • vintage kitchen utensils and accessories
  • storage solutions
  • all wood furniture, painted in a variety of colors
  • gardening tools, accents and books

Do you remember why you started reading this post? Why you walked into this “proverbial room”? Were you looking for something Cottagecore? If so, start shopping my booth at Southern Antiques & Accents in Fairhope, AL. Follow me on Instagram to see what new items or ideas I have in the booth each week.If you see something you like, pm me asap and I’ll get your cottagecore decor on the way to you as soon as I can. Leave a comment. What do you think of Cottagecore?

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