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CoziNest Photo Caption Contest and Giveaway

Contest to Win….

I bought you something in Greece! As I walked among the ruins of Olympia, I kept thinking about contests. Races. Wreaths. Olive leaves and togas. I imagined the bath houses of the day, filled with contestants after the event, either exhausted and jubilant, or exhausted and downtrodden. I was surprised when I learned that there was originally only one race. One event that included one race! And that means, one winner. When you think of the games today, that’s a little hard to imagine.

Photo #1 Ruins of Olympia

Olympia Greece


Photo #2 Life blooms among ruins.

Blooming Tree among Ruins


Photo #3 Training Area

Olympic Training Grounds


Photo #4 Artist rendering of what it would have looked like in the period.

Artist Rendering


Photo #5 Ionic Columns

Ionic Columns


Photo #6 007 in Olympia

007 in Olympia


Photo #7 Two “trainers” peak around a column.

Greek Columns


Photo #8 Olympic Fire Pit

Olympic Fire Pit


Photo #9 Entrance to Arena

Entrance to Olympic Games


Photo # 10 Starting Line

CoziNest Contest and Giveaway


Photo #11 Archway as You Exit Arena

Olympic Archway


Photo #12 Crown Princess Awaits

Crown Princess


CoziNest Contest and Giveaway

This is where the fun begins…


Greek Centerpiece

Here’s a peek at my dining room table set in a Greek theme. This is a table… runner. Get it? It’s a runner like in a race.


leaf placemat

Leaf Placemats are added to the table to remind us of the prize during those races. The prize was a wreath made of olive tree leaves. No medals. No contracts with sporting good companies.


Olives were and are a major export of the Greek Islands. Cats are too!

CoziNest Contest & Giveaway

So, here is the prize. Valued at $32 USD, a Greek Table-Runner in honor of all those who’ve run the race. Whatever race…

Here are the Rules for the Contest:

  • All Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Enter contest by entering all the information requested in the form provided on this website.
  • Write a caption for any of the photos above #1-12. No profanity.
  • Entry period is June 26 through July 7, 2018, ending at 12:00 midnight Central Daylight Time.
  • Give credit where it is due. If your caption is a quote, add the name or source where it originated.
  • Entries may be submitted for multiple photos.
  • Upload your photo(s) of choice with caption to Facebook with link to this post. For Instagram, include Hashtag: #CoziRunner.
  • The entry with the highest number of likes and comments on their caption will win the runner.
  • Winner will be announced on July 9, 2018

Have fun! I can’t wait to see your creative captions!

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