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CoziNest Reader Survey Results 2015

Thank you so much for reading CoziNest. I have great plans for improvement in 2015, but need your help in choosing which areas need the most concentration.

I so appreciate you all taking the time to complete my survey. The results are conclusive and here are the things you asked for and will be receiving in 2015.

  • I can improve the connection with my readers by meeting my local readers for lunch sometime. It was also suggested that I just “keep being me.” I love this!
  • The Layout of CoziNest is considered easy to read.
  • The Topics are inspiring.
  • Favorite posts include personal and local stories.
  • The thing you like best about CoziNest is the creative content. What a compliment! Thank you!!!
  • Most responses were “not sure” in the area of improvement, but it was also suggested that I broaden the range of topics. Will do.
  • You are looking for more posts about personal/family stories, decorating and cooking for two.
  • Constructive thoughts were all very kind and I plan to implement them all. You asked for:
  1. Catchier titles.
  2. More Cooking for Two posts for empty nesters.
  3. Consider how God is using my gifts to mold me through my blog.
  4. Use what I like in how other blogs are presented to design my own.
  • The funniest comment came from my friend LA, when she asked me to “write more about my awesome friend, LA!” I plan to do just that.

Thank you again for taking the time to complete the survey. 2015 is going to be so much fun in blog-land.

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