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Daphne’s Well-kept Secret

I don’t know how many times I’ve driven past it. Every time I do I think to myself, what a cute name! Better Homes and Bargains! Then I had the absolute pleasure to meet the owner at our neighborhood garden club last week. Allow me to introduce, the very talented, creative and warm, Dianne Chinners who is the owner of this dawwling little shop that sits between a lumber yard and a rental center. It is Daphne’s well-kept secret. But, don’t get me started on the shop before I share this week’s Fashion Friday with you!

Better Homes & Bargains

Dianne Chinners has lived in our community for over 16 years, but moved here from Kingwood, Texas, where her shop was named Accents with Charm. I met her at my first neighborhood garden club meeting.  This beautiful lady caught my eye the minute I walked in the door. She has a certain flair about her that is dramatic, yet calming and her friendliness is contagious.

Dianne Chinners

I complimented her bib necklace and she quipped, “this little statement came from Stein Mart.”

Black and White Bibb Necklace

This was a terrific choice. Black and white is classic and will be the perfect accent for any outfit.

Jute Flower Bag

Her jute, flower bag is packed with style and fun. It is a great size that could also be used as a tote on errand day, an afternoon beside the pool or at the beach. Great purchase!

Buckle Sandals

One, two, buckle my shoe! Three, four, open the door!

Yes, we will now open the door to her shop and share this well-kept secret on the Eastern Shore.


Better Homes and Bargains, Daphne

You’ll find things from Grandma’s attic, recycled furniture, lamps, shutters and a huge range of accessories in this little shop. So, the next time you start to drive past the NFL Home Center in Daphne, stop in instead. Make a slight left and you’ll see this charming little place that accents Highway 98 beautifully. Dianne is in the planning stages of an 11th anniversary celebration of Better Homes and Bargains so go in and party with her!!! If you see a very stylish lady in there, say hello to Dianne and tell her CoziNest sent you. The secret’s out!

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