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Decorating with Unique Finds

Day 8 of 31 Days of Tabletop Decorating

Decorating with unique finds takes dull and drab to smart and fabulous. Putting the things we love front and center, will do just that, while giving us stories to tell our guests. You may have been in a funky shop in Coupon, Pennsylvania where you found that unique piece. You really can’t explain it, except to say, “It was strangely wonderful.” So, you bought it, wrapped it in your clothing and stuffed it into your suitcase, praying that it makes it home safe and sound.

When you get home and unpack, there is your treasure, still strangely wonderful. Now comes the task of where to display it. But first, let’s take a moment to think about a few things.

What Makes it So Strangely Wonderful

  • It could be a rare, one of a kind piece that no one on the planet will ever own, but you.
  • Perhaps it’s a collectors’ item. Some artifact from Nazi Germany, or a piece of weaponry from the days of Napoleon. Regardless, it’s a relic that spoke to you when you saw it.
  • The piece may bring to memory something you loved as a child or is an antique that reminds you of your grandmother.

There are any number of reasons why we collect the things we collect.

Where to Find Unique Pieces While Traveling

On our recent trip to Toronto, Canada, we knew that we wanted something very special as a memento of our trip. The purpose of the trip was to see the World Cup of Hockey. Folks, do you know how thankful I am that I didn’t come home with a hockey puck from some unknown-to-me game played in 1970 in Hell, Michigan. Do you know how relieved I am????

What we did purchase, however, has not arrived yet. We found a beautiful sculpture in the Abbozzo Gallery, made by local artist, Mary Ellen Farrow.  We had literally walked all over Toronto and visited lots of gift and antique shops, along with several art galleries. When we walked into this gallery, we knew this was our place. We would find something we loved here.

Mary Ellen Farrow - Torso
Mary Ellen Farrow lives in Georgetown Ontario, which is only a little over an hour from Toronto.  She has “studied sculpture at Sheridan College, The Haliburton School of Fine Arts, The Ontario College of Art and Design and with The Mississauga Sculpture Studio. She works almost exclusively in stone using broad rounded, rhythmic lines that conform to the natural character of the stones.” Our  torso is a wonderful example of her work. We can’t wait to receive it and already have a very special place prepared for her to live.

We both loved the smooth, woodgrain-look marbled through the stone. The color and the size were perfect for our home. She will be loved and adored for the rest of our lives, so Mary Ellen Farrow is high on our list of artists we also love and adore! Isn’t our sculpture so much prettier than a hockey puck!?

Over the last two years, we’ve learned to explore art galleries when traveling. The “souvenirs” you find there will be treasures you can enjoy for the rest of your life. You will support a local artist while truly taking a bit of that city/country home with you. It is the highlight of our trip now. We budget each vacation with this in mind. We may stay in an EconoLodge or Motel 6, but it’s worth it to have life-long treasures.

How to Display Your Treasures

  • Sculptures can be displayed on pedestals, mantels, furniture or counters, or in bookcases or alcoves according to their size.
  • Create gallery walls with several paintings of one artist or one theme by several artists.

  • You can also add dimension, by placing art on easels. The penguin web-prints were a gift to 007 from Princess Van Gogh. He loves penguins, we all love art, so…what a perfect gift on Father’s Day!
mixed metal picture frames

This collection is not complete. We are in search for the perfect piece of driftwood or something similar to be placed in the middle on the bottom. An empty space on the wall reminds me to be on the lookout.

A unique find is unquestionably something we find strangely wonderful. What have you found lately that is unique and needs the perfect home? My sisters and I would like to offer our expertise to help you find that perfect spot. This is something we LOVE and we offer it to you FREE of charge! Just email us a picture of the item and the room where you’d like to place it and we’ll make suggestions. Send your challenge to with the subject “Challenge” and we’ll get back to you with 1-3 suggestions. We look forward to seeing your strangely wonderful pieces!

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