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Athletic wear for weight lifting

Fashion Friday: Athletic Wear

I have discovered a secret to workout motivation. At least it was a secret to me. If I dress in something nicer than an old t-shirt and a ratty pair of crop pants, I enjoy my workout more, get more done in my day and feel better about myself while glistening to the oldies. So when I received an invitation to a Brooks Fashion Show in Pensacola, I packed up my camera and ran on over. It was a very fun night, with about 50+ people attending.


Brooks Fashion Show - Running Wild, Pensacola FL

Brooks Fashion Show – Running Wild, Pensacola FL

The show was hosted by Running Wild of Pensacola, with models, music, catered appetizers and lots of fit people.

Catered by Nancy's Haute Affairs

Catered by Nancy’s Haute Affairs


A family that runs together...

A family that runs together…

Runner in training...

Runner in training…

Brooks Fashion Show Attendees

Randall and Amy, aka Ramey

This sweet couple befriended me as soon as I walked in. Two very nice folks who just look good naturally!

Manager of Running Wild - Pensacola, FL

Cherie was emcee for the night, and manager of Running Wild. Her husband is wearing a Brooks jacket.

DJ, Brooks Fashion Show - Pensacola, FL

A beautiful face keeping the music going.

Brooks Fashion Show Attendee

A guest who should have been a model…


Damarice, model Brooks Fashion Show, Pensacola, FL

Damarice is a model who works mostly in the Pensacola area.

Damarice is wearing some of the new technology from Brooks. The fabric is made of a “dry release material” and as Cherie put it, “you won’t be stinky, if you need to run errands after working out.” Greg Moore, an account manager with Brooks for southern Alabama and north Florida, said, “it is a dry-release fabric – anti-microbial which prevents against odor causing bacteria.”

It is also equipped with a safety feature that was a favorite last night. To help runners be safe at night and look fabulous during the day, Brooks has a fabric that glows when light hits it. The above photo was taken without my flash.

Glows in the Light Fabric

Photo with Flash: Fabric Glows in the Light


Safety apparel

Safety apparel without flash.


Glows-in-the-light fabric.

Jessica, is a model who works in Florida and Los Angeles.

This photo with the flash, shows how the white plaid “glows in the light.”

Dry Release Fabric

Billy is a model who works in the state of Florida.


Dry-release also keeps you cool and regulates body temperature during exercise.

Athletic wear with pockets.

Athletic wear with pockets.

Most of the Brooks pieces come with lots of pockets for keys, phone, coins, etc.

Brooks Clothing for Weight Lifting

Brooks Clothing for Weight Lifting

Another great feature, is that the shorts won’t ride up while doing squats or weight lifting.

Workout wear with neon colors.

For those who prefer neon colors.

Neon Workout Clothing

Kayla, a model who works mostly in the state of Florida.

Athletic Wear that flatters.

Athletic Wear that flatters.

This top fits snugly where it needs to and flatters the body with an a-line flare at the bottom. Very comfortable fit.

Workout shorts with compression shorts to prevent chaffing.

Compression undershorts to prevent chaffing.


I found out too, that men prefer a two in one short with a compression tight underneath. It helps prevent chaffing. I wonder if they make them for women?

And where would we be without the right running shoe?

Brooks Running Shoes

Running shoes

Fashionable Running Shoes

Fashionable Running Shoes

Brooks Fashionable Running Shoes

Beautiful feet.

There’s a color and style for every need. And the best news…Brooks Transcend- the latest and most cushioned shoe in Brooks’ line. Feels like you are running on clouds yet gives ample support.


The Models

Fashion help from Brooks.

Greg Moore, Account Manager with Brooks

Cherie handed the microphone to Greg a couple of times during the show. Then the audience wanted to hear more because he had the most darling accent. I never got the chance to ask where he is from. UK? Australia?


Drawing for two pieces of Brooks clothing.

Drawing for two pieces of Brooks clothing.

I did not win.

Brooks Clothing Display

Brooks Clothing Display

And look ladies! V-neck shirts with dry release technology. Perfection.

Brooks V Neck workout tops

Brooks V Neck

I know that I will not choose to stay in my exercise clothes all day every day, but on the days that I do… I’ll look stylish, smell good, remain dry and be motivated to do it all again tomorrow. Thank you, Brooks and Running Wild!







  • Leslie Anne @ Fairhope Supply Co.

    02/21/2014 at 8:51 am

    The piece I love is Cherie’s t-shirt dress. I love wearing those. I wonder if it came from Running Wild? I’ll have to check out the store here in Fairhope.

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