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Fashion Friday: M & F Casuals


On this Fashion Friday, I will share with you one of my favorite places to shop in Fairhope, AL. It is also one of my favorite jobs of all time. Working for M & F Casuals in Fairhope, AL in the 90’s, was such fun. The work environment was friendly. I carried my paycheck home in a shopping bag. I loved working with the residents of Fairhope, as well as visitors from neighboring cities. M & F have the best customers in the tri-state area of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. Awesome seems to attract awesome.

Family-Owned Business

The boutique is family-owned by Anne and Marc Miller.  Their daughters, Carol Eberlein and Barbara Levitt, have great relationships with both their clients and employees. As an employee, the first display case I accessorized for Anne was well received. I was anxious for her to like it and spent way too much time on it.

When she saw the case, she was so sweet and complimentary.  Anne made me want to do a good job. Her praise and faith in my abilities were reward enough. Her daughters, Carol and Barbara are carrying on the tradition. When I approached them about featuring their boutique, they once again placed their trust in me by welcoming me and my camera with open arms.

Outfits for Women of All Ages

These outfits can be worn by any woman. But, I showcase items women over 40 rock if we keep our body type and personal style in mind. I’m watching my personal style evolve into something more casual and relaxed as I get better with time. 😉 These ladies are young and beautiful. They model some great items that all could wear one way or another. Christie Midkiff and Mary Ellen Waters are part of the staff at M & F Casuals, but they make great models, too! They were great help to me for this post.  Thanks, ladies!

Christie Midkiff in a cashmere poncho.

Christie is wearing black leggings with a Claudia Nichole cashmere poncho with black boots. Her necklace is by Susan Shaw.

Burberry Cape by Shell Game
Burberry Cape by Shell Game

Doesn’t she look warm and cozy in this cape? I would wear this with skinny jeans and Frye boots! We belted it here to show off her tiny waist, but I think I could pull it off without the belt.

Transition Into Spring

Lace Tunic by Samuel Dong
Lace Tunic by Samuel Dong

Here, Christie ignites the romantic side in us, with a floral lace tunic. We could definitely carry this into spring with white skinny jeans or leggings and wedges. A very girlie choice, but a little sassy at the same time. I love it.

Print Dress by Jude Connally
Print Dress by Jude Connally

With this paisley, v-neck dress by Jude Connally, we can go from casual to dressy-casual with a quick change of shoes. Without the tights and the addition of sandals or wedges, we’d be ready for dinner with friends.

John Medeiros Accessories

Her necklace and bracelets are from my favorite jewelry designer, John Medeiros. His styles are classic, affordable and made right here in the U S of A. M & F has a great selection.

Mary Ellen Waters in a White No-Iron Shirt by Paper White

If I had a uniform, this would be it.  The “cozinest motto” to a t. Simple. Cozy. Beautiful. And I would feel at “Home” in this outfit for any occasion, with the exception of a formal wedding. Her accessories in the photo below are by Brighton.

Brighton Purse and Jewelry
Brighton Purse and Jewelry

M & F also has a sassy collection of readers and sunglasses.

The cut-out shoulders of this Last Tango top transition perfectly into spring as well. Mary Ellen is also showing off a popular chunky necklace by Susan Shaw.

Mycra Pak Reversible Raincoat
Mycra Pak Reversible Raincoat

Rain or Shine, M & F Casuals Has the Answer

What a pretty woman walking down the street! In a reversible raincoat! This side is the cute and sexy leopard, while the other is a solid bronze. No umbrella needed with this hood. What a cheery coat to don on a yucky, rainy day, which we in the south have had our share of lately.

In spite of recent clouds, it was a beautiful day, inside and out of M & F Casuals today. One of their sweet customers came in to say hello while I was shooting. Linda Fuschino of Fairhope, dropped by to show off her Christmas present to the staff. We all loved it.  Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Customer, Linda Fuschino
Customer, Linda Fuschino

Linda is sporting a David Cline V-neck top with matching scarf. What a delightful day at work for me! I love my job. I love meeting the artsy, classy, and fun people of Fairhope, AL, telling their stories and becoming a part of it at the same time.

If you want to experience the “rest of the M & F Casuals” story, you simply must visit our fair city and stop in. You will not be disappointed. In the meantime, check out this slideshow to get an idea of all the wonderful lines they carry.

Check Out all the Choices

I hope your Friday is its fashionable best.

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