Fashion Friday: Stein Mart at The Club

I had the extreme honor of being ask to return to The Club in Birmingham for another fashion show with Darlene Real Higginbotham with The Real Model Connection. She is the founder of The Real Model Connection and President of Appearance Matters, Inc. She is also a fashion stylist and coach. If you would like to contact her for a style update, call her at 205-902-4808.

Darlene Real-Higginbotham

Before the show, I was introduced to the manager of The Club, Mr. Gary D. Kamenicky. He was kind enough to share some of the past of this historical Birmingham venue with me.

The Club has been a part of the Birmingham-Red Mountain landscape since 1951. The visionary who followed his dream of building a private dining club for out-of-town guests, was Robert S. Smith, a 48-year-employee of US Steel.

The Club Entrance

As a native of Birmingham, Mr. Smith wanted a unique experience for visiting US Steel executives in order to show off his beloved city. After looking over property on Red Mountain and the Hollywood section of Homewood, Mr. Smith and his investors decided on property atop Red Mountain and construction began in 1949. The 25 acres purchased had previously been a goat farm.

The Club atop Red Mountain.jpg

Construction was wrought with difficulties. Abandoned ire ore mines were found beneath the surface which presented numerous foundation problems. It took three attempts before the building’s footprint was established.

However, once the foundation was in place, the building began to take shape and was soon described as a “showplace comparable to any fine dining establishment in the nation.”

The views are spectacular and unmatched to this day in Birmingham. As we begin our fashion show in this “architectural jewel in a setting of natural grandeur,” it is most fitting that some of the fashions are from names like Kaspar, Ellen Tracy and even Michael Kors. And all of these fashions were fitted for the models from Stein Mart of Vestavia Hills, AL.

View from The Club

We begin with Linda in an orange, lace dress by Kelli & Diane.

Stein Mart Fashion Show

The scarf was the perfect addition to this dress.

Stein Mart Fashion Show

Isn’t she beautiful? And she is a grandmother! Oh wait, I’m suppose to talk about the clothes…

Next we have Ginny who is so bright and cheerful in this green, pea coat by Michael Kors.

Stein Mart Fashion Show

Ginny is a gorgeous lady with height that makes her a perfect model.

Our next model is Trish who is sporting a lovely black and white suite by Kasper.

The Club-Stein Mart

Trish’s dark hair is a perfect match for this suit. The jacket could be worn separately with either dark or white jeans.

The Club-Stein Mart

Raneta is a lovely young lady who would stop a clock in any outfit. This black and white number had time standing still.

The Club Stein Mart

This lady was a hit with the crowd and I believe it was because of her infectious smile.

The Club: Stein Mart


The Club, Stein Mart

This lovely red-head is Barbara and she is such a sweet, demure lady in this Coco Bianco top.

The Club, Stein Mart

In 1965, there was a play titled “Billie” about a girl who “wasn’t like the other girls.” I believe this is true about this lovely lady. She is secure in who she is and what looks good on her. She loves dresses and for good reason. This Ellen Tracy looks as if it were designed just for her.

The Club, Stein Mart

“Cindy” could be short for Cinderella.

The Club, Stein Mart

Her fairy godmother has dressed her in this maxi tiered, orange dress by Max Edition.

The Club, Stein Mart

The Club, Stein Mart

Between Cindy and Judy, we have the very pretty, Colleen in this Ronni Nicole dress. Colleen seems like such a fun lady.

The Club, Stein Mart

If you remember the last fashion show at The Club, you’ll remember Judy. She has the coolest haircut.

The Club, Stein Mart

The Club, Stein Mart

Memorial Day will be even brighter in this outfit. The top is by Elsyes and I might have to stop by Stein Mart for this beach bag.

Ellen is our next sassy model, wearing a blue maxi skirt and white peasant blouse.

The Club, Stein Mart Ellen.jpg


The Club, Stein Mart

And last but not least, we have the spunky and fun – Kay.

The Club, Stein Mart

The Club, Stein Mart

Sixty-three years ago the fashion may have looked a bit different at The Club. But regardless, fashion will always be current in an architecturally enduring venue like this one.

Next week, I will share Stein Mart, Part Two.

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  1. I really am enjoying going thru your posts…my sister’s MIL and FIL were long time members of The Club. I celebrated my 60th b’day there a couple of years ago! Since they sold the house in Mountain Brook and the MIL is in a nursing home, they let their membership lapse.

    BTW, I love Judy’s haircut….I wish I knew who cut it. I’m thinking of going with something like this, maybe I’ll show it to my hairdresser.

    1. I’ll send your question to Judy and get you a name! Thank you so much for reading and for saying hello. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

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  3. All the outfits are great. Applause, applause to the coordinator of the show and the blogger for great choices and fabulous writing. I just purchased a top the follows the lines of the black and white diagonal striped dress, I guess I can be trendy.

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