Furry Fashion Friday

Before you start throwing paint at your computer screen, today’s feature is natural fur. I think you’ll get a little kick out of this. While I was decorating for Christmas yesterday, my daughter Amy had a little fashion show of her own.

Fashion Friday

This is our little China doll. A shih-tzu from Tibet all dressed for a formal occasion.

Fashion Friday

Looking for the treat that followed each photograph.

Fashion Friday

Holiday Attire.

Fashion Friday

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Fashion Friday

Her down time involves a snuggie.

Fashion Friday

Our tabby-tortoise mix in her joker collar…temporarily…

Fashion Friday

How will your pets dress for the holidays?

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6 thoughts on “Furry Fashion Friday

  1. Oh I love Furry Fridays! I was just thinking the other day that our Zoey needs a sweater. Her fur is so short and it’s been so cold out lately, especially on our morning walkies.

    1. Lorraine, our furry friends bring such joy to our lives, don’t they? Dressing them up a little just adds an extra smile.

  2. How cute! I don’t have a dog, but if I had one I would want one like yours!
    And the cat…I have two, so I can relate to that one. Exactly how long were you able to keep that collar on? lol
    Thanks for the smile today.

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