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Gelato Joe’s-Foley, AL

My precious friend, Pat, treated me to lunch today at a new restaurant.  I am so blessed to call her friend, to enjoy her company (she is so much fun) and to continue celebrating my birthday one week later. She invited me to Gelato Joe’s in Foley and it was fabulous.

Lunch at Gelato Joe's
Lunch at Gelato Joe’s with a true-blue friend.

Pat is the type friend you share a meal of spaghetti and meatballs with. You take time to swirl your pasta and sip your sweet tea, while catching up on all the Foley, AL happenings.

Gelato Joe's
Gelato Joe’s

This little jewel is off the beaten path and a local favorite.

Cookies at Gelato Joe's
Cookies at Gelato Joe’s

They make a good case for sweets.

Cakes and Pies at Gelato Joe's
Cakes and Pies at Gelato Joe’s


Salads at Gelato Joe's
Salads at Gelato Joe’s

Pat and I had the Strawberry Salad and it was absolutely delicious with Brianna’s Rose Champagne Vinaigrette Dressing.

Daily Specials at Gelato Joe's
Daily Specials at Gelato Joe’s


Gelato Joe's Counter
Gelato Joe’s Counter

And if you get thirsty for an adult beverage and a little artificial gambling fun…

The Tiki Hut at Gelato Joe's
The Tiki Hut at Gelato Joe’s

The Tiki Hut outdoors would be a fun little spot for a Mardi Gras Party.

Tiki Hut Decor
Tiki Hut Decor

The sweet little hostess, Sunny, will greet you and make you feel right at home.

Sunny, at Gelato Joe's
Sunny, at Gelato Joe’s

Little Italy in Foley, AL? If not, it’s the Casanova of restaurants. I am in love.

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