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Giorno Felice Della Madre

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms! But, especially to my mom and to my mom-in-love. I am a very blessed woman. I have a mom and a mother-in-law that I love dearly. They both have characteristics that fulfill my own aspirations of being a good mom and someday mother-in-law.

As I write this ahead of time, for Mother’s Day, I’m thinking of my mom who will be home in Alabama taking care of somebody on this most honorable day; while I’m with my mom-in-love, who will be getting a short break from her own caregiving responsibilities.

My mom is always quick to help when one of her girls needs a sitter at the hospital with a grandchild, or when the house has sold and laundry needs catching up, or…, or…, or. The list is endless of what this woman will do for her daughters. What would we do without our mothers? Our mom is one who is always good in a crisis and usually the first one we call. Sometimes, we choose not to worry her, but eventually there will be something we need her advice about or help with, so it’s mom to the rescue. I love this lady and have no doubts of her love for me.


And then there’s my precious mom-in-love who has cared for her 98-year-old mother in her own home for so many years and now visits her daily in a health care facility. She has cared for cancer and alzheimer patients, still works a full-time job and manages her home, all while continuing to show love and admiration to her family in too many ways to mention here. And at this minute she is somewhere relishing time with her sons, grandchildren and daughter-in-loves. Trudy and I are two blessed women in knowing without a doubt that we are loved by our husbands mother. And I cannot leave out what an incredibly loving woman she is to her grandchildren – Thing 1 and Thing 2 are lucky to have the two grandmothers they do.



This is short today, but it is written with a heart filled with love and admiration for the two mothers in my life. How very blessed I am and thankful to God above for creating my family. Mom, I hope your heart is singing with gladness as you are surrounded with my sissies and their famiglia today. I love you very much. And to my sissies…I am so very proud of the mother’s you are as well. Love to all.

And, Charlotte, I know that I am once again experiencing your love on this day. And what fun that it’s as we both realize a dream together.

  “Giorno Felice Della Madre” or Happy Mother’s Day!


Kim @ CoziNest


  • Charlotte

    05/29/2014 at 12:13 pm

    Just now had a chance to read this very sweet tribute. Thank you! And, thank you for being such a wonderful Mother to my grandchildren (and also wife to my son). I’m the lucky and blessed one here.

  • Bonnie Morgan

    05/13/2014 at 8:23 pm

    Wonderful tribute. So touching.

  • Beckie

    05/12/2014 at 9:44 pm

    Thank you my precious daughter. As usual you made my mascara run. The cake was beautiful and delicious and thank you for thinking of me in such a sweet way. We worked hard Sunday but stopped for a piece of cake and thought about you and wished you were with us. There was an empty place but we knew you were having a great time in Italy. I felt so blessed Mother’s Day thinking about our three wonderful daughters, what great mothers they are, how much they love the Lord, their families and each other. I love each one of you more than words can express and those six grandchildren are icing on the cake. To God be the glory, great things He has done.

  • Leslie Anne @ Fairhope Supply Co.

    05/11/2014 at 7:31 am

    Potere il suo giorno è riempito di l’amore e l’avventura su questa Festa della mamma!

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