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How Many Times Have You Restarted Your Diet?

I’m 55 years old and have probably started a new diet every Monday for the last 35 years. That’s approximately 1,820 failures or as I choose to think about it… new beginnings. How many times have you restarted your diet? What is the key to success? Why have few women succeeded and so many not? And how do I get myself out of the “not” group and into the success group?

Foot on Bathroom Scale

I met with a nutritionist yesterday and have set up scheduled exercise times with a personal trainer. I’m starting a new lifestyle. I honestly woke up a couple of weeks ago and thought “what if I put the same amount of energy, planning and stick-to-it-iveness to my health as I do my blog?”  I may have to give up some of my much-loved blog topics and write about the struggle I have with my weight, but if it helps me and at least one other person accomplish a weight-loss goal, I will feel so rewarded.

Fresh Vegetables

But, won’t this just be another boring blog about weight-loss? And, how embarrassing if I write that I am once again restarting a diet, to only give up in a few days? Well, after an hour of discussing my personal struggles with a nutritionist, we have come up with this plan. I am easing into a new healthy lifestyle – not going on a diet.

I am starting with only 4 goals:

  1. Increase my water intake to 4 cups/day. (I hate water!)
  2. Snack twice a day with a carb/protein – if I’m hungry.
  3. Measure 5 oz of wine with dinner, if I choose to have wine.
  4. I will use the visual plate method instead of counting calories.

For those who’ve never tried the plate method, measure your dinner plate and if it’s larger than 9 inches, use a salad plate for your meals. Dinner plates have increased in size over the last decade or so and as such we are eating more without being aware of it.

Restarting Your Diet

1/4 of my plate will be grilled/broiled or baked protein, 1/4 carbohydrates and the other 1/2 green vegetables. Dessert will include fruit.


Balanced Snack

I am rewarding myself with 2 miniature pieces of dark chocolate with fruit and nuts as a dessert each night. I’m feeling healthier already!

Please share your personal struggles in the comments and how you have made it over those seemingly-impossible hurdles. Do you need a partner for encouragement? If so, leave a comment and we will motivate each other.

Wishing you the most success you’ve ever had with your weight loss goal! For me, I’m just hoping not to start over again on Monday!

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