It’s Crockpot Season

Most of you probably use your crock-pot year round, but not me. During the summer months I love grilling.  In the fall and winter months I like using the crockpot.  However, I have a crockpot that has a default and it overcooks everything – no matter what setting.  I want a new one, but NOT a Rival.

I don’t want to make the same mistake I made with my last purchase and just stop in Wally World and buy what’s on the shelf.  I want to make an informed decision.  I’ve looked over Consumer Reports and several websites with reviews of slow-cookers. I’ve found them ranging in price from $20 to $200.

It appears that one with top reviews is the Cuisinart MSC-600.  It is a 3 in 1 cooker. It has a nonstick insert, can brown and saute in the unit with temperatures up to 400°, and it can steam. The slow cooker settings include Low, High, and Simmer. It also has an automatic warm mode.  It is also $152 on Amazon.

The one that seems to be the most talked about and recommended by Good Housekeeping is  the Ninja Cooking System.  ($200, It also has settings for browning, baking, and roasting-which according to GH, “offers major flavor benefits. It serves up truly delicious fare, like a roast as good as oven-cooked and the tastiest beef stew in all of our tests.”


Ninja Slow Cooker
Ninja Slow Cooker

This one just might give me a massage after I add the ingredients, but the one negative that may be a big one for me, is the footprint.  One reviewer said that it is about the same size as a toaster oven.  That’s the mother of all slow cookers!

I use my slow cooker to make overnight breakfast casseroles at Christmas and when I have guests.  I also love using it for roasts, chicken roasters, and anytime I will be pressed for time to get a meal on the table.  While I love the idea of browning my roasts in the same pot as I cook it in, do I really need the mercedes of all crock pots for my purposes?

I’ve found a nice compromise on Amazon.  The Ninja SEARious.  It browns the meat in the same pot, but doesn’t have all the fancy baking functions and it was only $54.89.  It is ordered and on it’s way.  I’ll let you know.  In the meantime…  

Ninja SEARious
Ninja SEARious

What crock pot do you use and what do you love about it?  What do you not like about it?



4 thoughts on “It’s Crockpot Season

  1. Dip is one of my families favorite.

    1 lb Hamburger meat (browned)
    2 pkgs Mexican Velveeta Cheese
    2 16oz jars Picante Sauce

    Add all 3 ingredients to a crockpot and heat on low. Stir to keep blending dip. Serve with Corn Chips of your choice.

  2. I have two crockpots one is a Rival I received as a wedding gift 27 years ago. My daughter took it to college but it is back home now. I used it last weekend to make a dip to eat while watching football games. My other crockpot is a Hamiton Beach it is the larger of the two and I cook different types of roast in it. It doesn’t brown the meat like the one you ordered. If I need something browned I brown the meat in a skillet first. I use my crockpots year round. In the summer it’s nice to not heat up the kitchen by using them. Tell us more about your breakfast casserole on Christmas morning. I have not used mine to make a casserole. This sound good!

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