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Living Room Challenge

A  few days ago, I asked What Would You Do in This Room? And today, I am continuing this room survey with a Living Room Challenge. As I mentioned in earlier posts, all pictures were taken with a cell phone, so please forgive the less-than Canon-Rebel quality.

Living Room Challenge

This is one view of the living room. Cable is on the left of the window. The ceiling is cathedral height. It is a very pretty room.

Living Room Challenge

As you can see, there is a door on right of the fireplace and the right wall has an opening to the kitchen.

Here is today’s challenge. We’ve measured and this room will accommodate the sofa, love seat and leather chair of the new renter. There is also room for an end table and coffee table. We have an 11 x 9 area rug, as well. How would you arrange the furniture? Let me know if you have questions I’ve not covered in this post.


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