Long Time No See

Hello to all of my fabulous readers! Long time no see. I’ve not been able to write much lately due to many family obligations, but I wanted to send you all a quick “I miss you” note! I enjoy reading and commenting on your blogs, hearing from you here on mine and touching base through our social media connections. Life has gotten so busy that I’ve adopted this quote from Dolittle in Coal Miner’s Daughter, “what we got to do next is figure out what to do next.”

Things to do

So… stay tuned. I’ve not thrown in the proverbial blogging towel – yet. Once I have helped my sister move, updated a house, planned a bridal shower, written next month’s articles for our neighborhood magazine, nursed the sick, fed the multitudes and birthed a baby…

I’ll be back. (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.)

5 thoughts on “Long Time No See

  1. Birthed a baby? Are you just trying to see if we’re paying attention? lol Really, though, I know what you mean. This is a busy time of year for everyone, even those who don’t have a boatload of things to do! We’re not going anywhere…when you write, we’ll be here to read.

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