New York Takes Triple Crown

If you’ve been watching as faithfully as I have over the years, you’re already placing bets on who will win next year. Yes, three years in a row the state of New York has taken the American crown jewels.

In case you are wondering what America thinks of her new “queen”, here’s what was trending on social media.

Ok– call me Bitter!!?? Three-peat!!?? Really!! Now it’s official.. SEC-haters!!! If you can’t beat them- Join ’em!! — Young girls will be practicing the CUP song everywhere. It’s certainly cheaper than the talents we’ve pursued so far!!!  I saw them 4/$1.00 at Wal-Mart.

What do you think NY state donates to the Miss America pageant every year?

Canceling the ventriloquist, ballet and piano lessons for Esther’s scholarship future. Buying red cup tomorrow.

All these parents spending all this $$$ on dance lessons when all they needed was a solo cup.

Oh my goodness, Miss New York…why are you here?

Miss America has been renamed the World Cup.

All those years I wasted on piano lessons.

So right this minute, I’m wishing I’d placed a trifecta for New York three years ago.

But even before we were wowed by Miss New York’s red cup challenge, all of America had her picture taken by Miss Nebraska.

Miss Nebraska

And how many of Jane “Austin’s” books have you read? Miss America just ain’t what she used to be.  Any bets for next year’s winner?

4 thoughts on “New York Takes Triple Crown

  1. Wow. . .just wow. I haven’t watched the show in years and I had no idea. Did she really do that cup trick dance thing as her talent!? What the what!? That’s redonkulous.

  2. I was THRILLED when Mallory Hytes Hagan (Miss NY) won Miss America 2013, actually predicted it along with my daughter. She was our favorite from the get-go. Didn’t watch this year, but I wish the winner much success. As for the negative opinions that circulate the internet, I try to obliterate them with light. Way to go, New York!

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