Not-so-Magic Marker

We moved into La Bella Vita (my Italian name for mia casa) four years ago. This not-so-magic marker mishap has been here all this time and it is really beginning to get on my nerves. So…. I proposed painting the room to Mr. Cozinest. He grunted. So I’ve been thinking of other magical ways to make this ugliness disappear.  

Not so magic marker

(I’m not that happy with the paint color anyway…)
Not-so-Magic Marker


Other than this one mark, the paint is still in very good shape and I’m unsure if paint stored in the attic will be worth trying to touch up the spot.


Guest Room

This is the view of twin bed number 1 with the ugly wall marking. Keep in mind that this room is filled with lots of “leftovers” from other houses. It is in desperate need of updating.

Guest Room

This is the view of twin bed number 2. The two front pillows on the bed are made from ballet costumes and childhood dresses from both my and my daughter’s younger days.

Image 3

This is the footboard of the Jenny Lind style, twin beds and I’m thinking I’d like to paint them with chalk paint. Any suggestions? And while we are at it, take a look below at other ideas I’ve found across the web, and share your opinions with me.

I read about this wallpaper mural over at Pretty Handy Girl.

and it got me to thinking about Italy. Italy? Yes, Italy. Everywhere you look in Venice, Florence and Rome, you see where plaster has fallen off the walls to reveal the exterior brick. We’ve copied this look in the states over and over again. But over there, it is authentic. So, what if I tore off a few pieces from a roll of brick wallpaper and replicated the look in my guest room? Perhaps I could cover the mark with one “tear” and place others randomly around the room?

And then I thought about Rhoda’s bead-board wallpaper over at Southern Hospitality Blog and now I’m dreaming of a new cottage-style guest room. Something like this…

Traditional Bedroom by Portsmouth Architects & Designers TMS Architects
Or perhaps this…
Traditional Bedroom by Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Billy Beson Company
And this is so simple, yet relaxing, don’t you think?
Eclectic Bedroom by Scotts Valley Interior Designers & Decorators Stacey Costello Design
Would you take a look around and please share your opinions?  What about a single wide stripe around the room?  This not-so-magic mark is on my magic-eraser list.

2 thoughts on “Not-so-Magic Marker

  1. Well, you could save hundreds of dollars and hours of work if you turned the mark into a vine and hand painted some leaves going up the wall and over the two pictures. Maybe a touch of some purple wisteria to go with the print in the bedspread? It would be a temporary fix. Either that or stack a couple of big coffee table books on the side table and put the lamp on top. It will raise it up enough to hide the mark.

  2. All of the pics you posted are lovely room ideas! I love the wide stripe idea, though, and it would save having to paint the entire room. Have you tried removing the mark with alcohol on a Q-tip? Rubbing alcohol removes marker from white boards, so I thought it might work on drywall – carefully, though, so it doesn’t smear. IDK – just a thought. Good luck with whatever you decide. 🙂

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