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When you purchase an antique or accessory from CoziNest, you are bringing a bit of charm and mystery into your home.

We’ve sifted through the old days and found a piece of pride, timeless and elaborately crafted for that perfect place in your home. Our love for antiques began with the acquisition of a small, French secretary. The feminine lines of the piece brought visions of a Victorian Era lady composing her early morning letters, with her skirts flowing beneath the desk. Since that first purchase, each treasure is treated as a traveler passing through time, worthy of bringing joy and breathing life into another story… your story. Excellent craftsmanship is timeless. Furnishings last for decades and in some cases, even centuries. Our commitment to you is this: In this ever-increasingly disposable age, we will continue to search the landscape for valuable pieces that you can cherish, even if it’s just for a little while.

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Featured articles to enhance your love and appreciation for antique furniture, accents, decor & more.

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CoziNest Blog

Current Trends, Creative Decor, DIY Projects, Inspiration & Adventures from Our Nest!

Great Gifts for Flower Girls – A Tea Set fit for a Princess
Great Gifts for Flower Girls The stateliness of this Noritake Porcelain Tea Set is a gift worthy of a princess. Tea sets make great gifts for flower girls. Pack up these 6 place settings with a selection of teas, sugar cubes and a “save-the-date” for...
Seeking Him in our Sweet Hour of Prayer – Hymns for Him
Hello Newlywed Brides! This is a series of praying hymns for him, your new hubby. Sweet Hour of Prayer is our hymn for him this time. There’s no sweeter prayer than that with scripture, praise and melodies we remember.  Please enjoy, comment, share. The more...
A Backyard Wedding with Shamrocks and Leprechauns
I’m so excited to share with you this months’ inspirational wedding idea. How about a backyard wedding with shamrocks and leprechauns? While you may not be dreaming of a snow covered lawn on your big day, I had to share this cute just-married garland idea...
Hymns for Him-Just as I Am
Do you ever doubt your faith? The hymn, “Just as I Am” was written by Charlotte Elliott after a night of spiritual struggle. I’ve been here several times in my Christian walk, but never thought to do what Charlotte did. In the morning after her...
Cozy Game-Day Decor for Two
My husband, 007, enjoys watching football from the comfort of his recliner. No crowds. His favorite foods and our favorite things surround him. I’m not that huge of a pro football fan. Pro football is his hobby. Mine is making it an event for both...
10 Ways to Enjoy World Kindness Day
November 13, 2019 is World Kindness Day I will be just returning from the Holy Land on this sweet day in November. As I think ahead to this post, knowing I will have the dust of sacred footsteps in my suitcase; I can’t imagine a...
It’s Almost Key Lime Pie Day
Thursday, September 26, 2019 is National Key Lime Pie Day Who knew there was a National Key Lime Pie Day? Well, all I can say is… YUMMM! How much do we love this?! So guess who’s celebrating with you? Southern Antiques & Accents! Yes, all day on...
Refresh Your Furniture with Farmhouse Paint Giveaway
Ok, so I didn’t learn everything I need to know in kindergarten. For example, at 5 years old my idea of updating furniture would include magic markers and finger paints. Well, I had just as much fun recently at a Farmhouse Paint class at Southern...
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