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Patchwork Trend for Ladies Over 40

Do you remember the song, Patches? It was written by Clarence Carter. The song tells the story of how a young boy raised on a farm was so “raggedy, folks used to call [him], Patches.”

I was born and raised down in Alabama
On a farm way back up in the woods
I was so raggedy, folks used call me, “Patches”
Papa used to tease me ’bout it
Of course deep down inside he was hurt
‘Cause he’d done all he could

Now, these same “raggedy patches” are all the rage in fashion. I absolutely love the look! But, I wonder if women over 40 can wear them without looking ridiculous? Here are a few looks that I will be trying.
Calvin Klein Patchwork Jeggings
These Calvin Klein Patchwork Leggings can be found at Belk. They are simple, long and sleek, and would look fabulous with a long top that sits just at the hip bone.
Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 12.05.42 PM
Another Belk find, this Coach Patchwork Wristlet is a great little shopping bag. It’s stylish, small and easy to carry when you’re out for a day of trying on clothes.
Tory Burch Patchwork Satchel
For a larger bag, I am in total infatuation with this Tory Burch Patchwork Satchel! The colors are neutral enough that I would carry this through the Fall.
INC Patchwork Skirt
Macy’s has this adorable INC Patchwork Denim Midi. I’m loving the idea of this with a white t-shirt and short black blazer for fall.
Clever Carriage Patchwork Wrap
And look what I found on Home Shopping Network! Black and white goes with everything and this is so versatile, it would never go out of style! I’ll go ahead and warn you, it’s a bit pricey for a scarf, in my opinion. But, since it would become a staple you could wear over and over again, it is worth the price!
Sole Diva Patchwork Boots
You certainly won’t look raggedy in these patchwork boots from SimplyBe! I love that the patches are on the ankle and the toe is one solid color. This is patchwork simply stated! I would wear these with skinny jeans and an oversized top.
One hint for the patchwork trend for those of us who have reached a certain age: Rock it! But only one item at a time. Less is definitely more, don’t you think? Otherwise we might just look a little raggedy!
What will you try with this new runway trend?

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