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Day 22: Starting Over with Photography Lessons

31 Days of Starting Over

Things happen for a reason. I woke up this morning thinking, “ok, little miss I’m-never-going-to be-a-good-photographer, it’s time to do something about this.” I did my usual Google search and found the Eastern Shore Camera Club. I posted a comment asking for help. Someone helped, and I now have my first lesson scheduled with Stephen Savage.

He ask that I bring my tripod, camera and the owners manual.

photography lessons
I can follow directions…

I’m ready for Photography Lessons


I arrive 10 minutes late for my appointment because I forgot my phone, but Mr. Savage is a perfect gentleman and assures me it’s not a problem. Across the street, at Page & Palette, a local bookstore, is a book titled, The Spirit of Fairhope, that’s loaded with photos by Stephen Savage.  This student is very impressed with her teacher.

Photos by Stephen Savage
(Most) Photos by Stephen Savage

He was very complimentary of my knowledge so far, and at the end of the lesson, said he was very impressed with how I seem to “get it.” He was very encouraging.

Please look over the following 1,000 words….

Horizontal Portrait
Vertical Portrait
Vertical Portrait
Up close and personal...
Up close and personal…
My first photo after my lesson with Stephen Savage.
My first photo after my lesson with Stephen Savage. (indoor with limited lighting)
Photo with new info from lesson.
Photo before instruction from Stephen.
Photo after instruction from Stephen...
Photo after instruction from Stephen…

So what do you think? Pretty darn good improvement from one lesson, huh?

Things happen for a reason. I’ll be part of a photo contest with Southern Living.  I made this appointment with Stephen two hours before I read the email from Southern Living informing me that I was chosen to be part of the contest. In this writer’s opinion, I’ll have a better shot now that I’ve met Stephen Savage. Pun intended.

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