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Fashion Friday: Rain Boots and Umbrellas

As electric charges accumulate inside a cloud, sparks start to fly, and lightning strikes. Sometimes even on a clear day from 25 miles away, so what’s a girl to do?

Be prepared for clear days and flash flood warnings. Your day could start like my friend Jill’s after a recent storm in Birmingham.

Flooded Lot

In that case, you made need to take heed. There is an old saying that advises, “when thunder roars, go indoors;” but…. what if your rain boots are just too sassy to stay indoors?

I am not in any way suggesting that we go out to play in an electrical storm, but just look at the bolts that strike out of the blue with these Hunter Boots and Mycra Pac Umbrellas.

Jade Hunter Rain Boots

A little rain might be a good thing for this Milly green and blue flame stitch dress. The Tom Ford sunglasses and Jade Hunter rain boots complete the ensemble.

Hunter Boots In Jade

Lipstick Hunter Boots

The Hunter rain boots in Lipstick seal the look with this Clover Canyon zip-up printed dress. The purple Mycra Pac umbrella is the perfect pop of color.

Hunter Rain Boots

Mycra Pac Umbrella

Hunter rain boots come in lots of colors and are European sizing, so that men and women can wear them. Not that I’m suggesting that a man wear bright pink rain boots, but hey, whatever floats you down the river.

Even in a pouring rain where your silhouette may be a bit blurry, you’ll look fantastic in any Hunter boot.

Hunter Rain Boots

To close out this week’s Fashion Friday, I thought I’d share with you just how much goes in to a FF post. Beth Darnell and her team worked on Donna’s makeup and hair before our photo shoot. It didn’t take too long, because she’s already beautiful. However, this is taken very seriously at CK Collection which is where you can find the dresses and Hunter Boots.

The umbrellas can be purchased at M & F Casuals.Getting Ready

Getting Ready for Photo Shoot

 Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.

~ Roger Miller

Don’t get wet in the rain. Be prepared to walk in it in style. Shop at CK Collection or M & F Collection to be prepared.

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