Repacking Your Beach Bag

Gone are the days of throwing in a towel and sunscreen for a day at the beach. Now we need to pack coolers, chairs, beach blankets, umbrellas, etc. I’ve decided that I now want my little corner of the beach to be color coordinated as if it’s a room in my house. Here’s what I’m repacking in my new “beach bag.”

Ergo Lounger from Beach Mall

Ergo Lounger


Beach Towel Clips to Keep towels from blowing away.

Beach Towel Clips

Turkish Striped Bath Peshtemal

Turkish Peshtemal

Basket-Cooler in One

Collapsible Insulated Basket-Cooler

Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella by Shadezilla

Shadezilla Beach Umbrella

Fashion Beach Bag

Fashion Beach Bag


Now all I need is sunscreen, snacks and a beverage or two. What do you pack in your beach bag?

4 thoughts on “Repacking Your Beach Bag

  1. Kim I used to pack all of that and much more when I had little kids to take to the beach. Now that they are all older I only take my beach towel, my water shoes, a hat, and sunglasses. But on the way home I end up collecting pebbles and driftwood so the back becomes heavier.

  2. We have one of the those buggies for the beach. I keep it in the garage and it’s loaded with chairs, an umbrella, cooler, towels, and my swim leg, which I don in the beach parking area. The buggy is the way to go!

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