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Sadie Hawkins Day Fashion

Ladies, do you have your bachelor picked out for a date tomorrow? According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Sadie Hawkins Day has been celebrated on November 13 for many years. The dance, which was popular from 1937 through 1978 or so, was always held on the Saturday after November 9th.The phenomenon began after a story developed in Lil’ Abner’s comic strip, written by Al Capp. Sadie was a spinster who at 35 had no prospects of marriage so her father planned a race in which she would chase all the eligible bachelors in town. It became an annual event where the girls asked the boys to the big dance. Such an act was unheard of in 1937 and even as it’s popularity began to fade in 1978, it was still a bit bizarre for a girl to ask a boy out on a date.


Lil' Abner

Photo credit: Great River Road Theatre

It used to be that a 25-year-old unmarried girl was considered a spinster. What an ugly word! I’m so glad we now have bachelorettes and single ladies. The average age for a first marriage these days is 26.5, so the finish line has been shifted a bit. The chase is fun and not near as desperate for all the single ladies of this decade. Marriage is no longer an item on every woman’s checklist. Women like Oprah, Diane Keaton, and my favorite, Coco Chanel never tied the knot. Regardless, the fashion of the day is fun, flirty and could attract that knight if you are looking for shining armor.

Sadie Hawkins Days of the past included polka dots, shorts, skirts, straw hats, uneven hemlines and plaid. Today’s Fall version of the comic strip might look something like this:

Sadie Hawkins Day Fashion

My precious niece.

Plaid Shirt, Jeans and Boots

Her outfit is complete with a plaid shirt, skinny jeans and boots. If she needed to chase her date, she is ready!

Great Catch on Sadie Hawkins Day

Great catch, girl!

Ready to Dance

Dancing their way into our hearts.

Caught Cha!

What a super cute couple! Notice he is not running. If he were, I think I know a family who would chase him down and carry him over the finish line.

And if you are looking for a local shop in the Mobile area for your Sadie Hawkins outfit, I have a couple of suggestions for you.

Sadie Hawkins Day in Mobile, AL

The Purelove Boutique on Dauphin Street in Mobile, AL has all of your Sadie Hawkins Day or Dance needs. And if you are shopping over the bay, please stop in to Abigail’s Closet where you can go consigning with purpose. They have plenty of footwear choices if you need to start the chase.

Abigail's Closet

Happy Sadie Hawkins Day!

All referrals in this post are made without affiliate links. I am not getting paid to suggest these places to you. It’s just good, old fashioned word-of-mouth advertising. That’s what friends do for friends.

Check out Abigail’s Closet at

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Purelove Boutique at

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