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The Latest and Greatest from Chico’s

This month’s fashion show with the Real Model Connection featured Chico’s. Darlene Real Higginbotham and Diane, manager of Chico’s at the Summit-Birmingham put on a fun and fashion-forward show. Let’s get started with Linda…


She is absolutely stunning in this zebra print ruana, faux leather pants and red swing top. A ruana, in case you were wondering, is a poncho-like garment that originated in Columbia. Loosely translated, it means “Land of Blankets” where they are used as outer garments and bedding.

Gold jewelry is back on stage ladies, and paired with black makes a bold statement with the red top.

Next up we have Trish.


With her dark hair and lovely height, this black and white asymmetrical top is on trend. A little pop of red in her necklace adds dimension to the outfit.


The always-stylish, Barbara shows off an indigo, black and white animal print.


One of Chico’s newest pieces does not have pattern that meets you coming and going. No, Billie glides across the stage in a black and white tapestry print that is subtle and classy.


Judy is red-hot in this pieced jacket with faux leather trim. Red and black always looks stylish, don’t you think? And one of the great things about her accessories, is that the necklace looks chunky and heavy, but is actually light as a feather.



And here we have another natural beauty who can rock a few sequins! Cindi is ready for a casual night out with black skinny jeans and a sequin-embellished top. The black rope necklace and crystal drop earrings are the perfect finishing touch.


This ensemble may not stay in the store very long if I have anything to do with it! This is a perfect outfit for those days when you want to look nice, but not fussy. A pair of skinnies with this pinstriped front and plain white back make a perfect around-the-house outfit for Dallas or me… or you…


Ellen is at one with nature in these browns, golds and beiges. The swirls of the animal print flow beautifully with her gold and glass beads.


Raneta shines in the sparkle of denim and sequins. The deep blues elongate her body and the sequins have her ready for disco or dinner.


And last but not least, the fashion guru of Chico’s, Diane, gives the catwalk a try; while, this young beauty visiting from New York City shows off a cute dress from a children’s boutique in the fashion capital of the world.

Another fun day at The Club in Birmingham. Stay tuned for more style from Chico’s next Friday. In the meantime, rush on in to Chico’s and grab your must-haves. They won’t be there long because the patrons of The Club were buying these items right off the models!

Have a fashionable weekend everybody!

Darlene Real-Higginbotham

Darlene is the founder of The Real Model Connection and President of Appearance Matters, Inc. She is also a fashion stylist and coach. If you would like to contact her for a style update, call her at 205-902-4808.




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Kim @ CoziNest


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    05/15/2015 at 10:50 am
  • Glenna @ My Paper Craze

    09/09/2014 at 10:05 pm

    Fabulous fashion show! I love seeing all the latest styles. The red swing top in the first photo is my fav. Thanks for sharing with Creative Spark Link Party.
    Glenna @ My Paper Craze

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    09/03/2014 at 6:53 am
  • Karyn

    09/02/2014 at 9:04 am

    Your fashion features are my favorite! I got so many ideas from just this one post. The symmetrical tunic is super cute. I bought one with that cut (except in knit) at Divine Design in Fairhope. Thanks for sharing photos of real women looking fabulous.

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