10 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursdays

  1. Hi Kim, empty nesters have more time for gardening or any hobbies, although we never get over that empty-nest……….Thanks for the party and for hosting.

  2. Thanks Kim for hosting a linky party. It is a lot of work so thanks for your time. I am impressed.

    I think your new name will bring more traffic. I would not have anything ready for empty nesters.

    Have a great weekend. I am ready for it already.

  3. I guess I forgot that you had started a new link party — I have been a space cadet lately, and haven’t been quite as “bloggy” as usual. At any rate, thanks for the party, and I will keep up with things better, I hope!

  4. July 5th through the 12th we were at the beach with family. Of course you do not notify all your friends that you are going on vacation. When we returned friends begin to call and say they were worried because I had not returned their calls. Several said they were afraid that something had happened to one of us. I also had messages left on my phone asking if we were okay. This really touched my heart that friends were worried about us and were so thoughtful to continue to call until they knew that we were fine.

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