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Wearing Your Heart Upon Your Sleeve

There are so many resolutions to make for the new year. Lose weight, make fitness a routine, better time management, business goals, develop new habits and break old ones, take up a new hobby, read more, etc. etc. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember a single time that I rang in a new year with the extreme satisfaction of “high-fiving” myself for meeting my resolutions. So,  I am proposing a new style for 2015. Let’s all wear our heart upon our sleeve with our one word of resolution.


Like many others, I am not making a list this year. Instead, I am choosing a word of 2015.

Drum roll, please….. my word for 2015 is Generosity.

coffee cup in woman hand

The definition of GENEROSITY that caught my heart is the second one, but the first one is what I had in mind when I chose it.
1. readiness or liberality in giving.
2. freedom from meanness or smallness of mind or character.
3. a generous act:  We thanked him for his many generosities.
4. largeness or fullness; amplitude.

In all honesty, it scares me a little, which I believe makes it the perfect logos for my new-year philosophy.  As you may have read in Out of Balance, Women of a Generous SpiritWhat are My True Motives, or Generosity vs. Busyness; generosity has been on my mind since I began reading Lois Mowday Rabey’s, “Women of a Generous Spirit.” It is a great book that helps women focus on finding peace in the pain and returning to a more generous spirit.

So, knowing that I need structure to accomplish most anything in my life these days, I am planning a weekly post for 2015 that focuses on my Word of the Year. Surely out of 52 posts I can learn to focus on being a more generous woman.

Now, you may have asked earlier why the word scares me? Initially, my thoughts were, “oh dear, this could hold me accountable in ways I’m not sure I’m ready for.” For instance, I do have a strong faith that God is who He says He is, but there are times, I’m not sure I am who He thinks I am. I couldn’t help but footnote my prayer as I asked Him about me and generosity.

*Oh, and Lord, please let whatever generous act You have in store for me include running water, a soft pillow, no mosquitos, and a few days short of 40 years in a desert.”

My very next thought… “I just asked for a prison cell.” Oh, the smallness of this mind! See why the second definition is so fitting!

Generosity Collage

And now on to the Fashion of this Friday:

Shakespeare said it best…

It is sure as you are Roderigo,
Were I the Moor, I would not be Iago:
In following him, I follow but myself;
Heaven is my judge, not I for love and duty,
But seeming so, for my peculiar end:
For when my outward action doth demonstrate
The native act and figure of my heart
In compliment extern, ’tis not long after
But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve
For daws to peck at: I am not what I am.

On this Fashion Friday, I am asking you, to help me fashion a completely new wardrobe. You see, I want to wear my heart upon my sleeve – in compliment extern. Not as Iago pretending to be faithful. No faking openness. But, in truth, exposing vulnerability and the hope of a generous spirit wrapped around my shoulders.

Wearing Your Heart Upon Your Sleeve

Let’s fashion a whole new style in 2015. How can you wear your Word of the Year?

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