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Keeping You Warm and Cozy Room

Keeping Room - Empty
Keeping Room – Empty

Today we are continuing with the tour of my friend in Pelham, AL’s home. Denise must have had a few elves helping her with this room. She says it is her favorite room of the whole house and as I’ve browsed her pictures, I know why.

Eat-In Kitchen
Eat-In Kitchen

This breakfast nook is a bit cold and bare before the elves appear.

An Elf-Made Kitchen
An Elf-Made Kitchen

And this is post-elves. Aren’t the bows the perfect accent to her chairs? Her creativity isn’t limited to decorating. The angel hanging in this room is one she painted herself.

Such a warm room.
Such a warm room.

I love the birdhouses on the hearth.

Image 13

Such a pretty kitchen.  I love the dark wood. Look closely and you’ll see there’s a bit of holly on each pendant and chandelier.

Image 12

This picture is a little dark, but you can get a feel for how cozy and welcoming this room would be at the end of a long day.  I’m sure it’s Rick’s favorite, too!

Wishing you an elf-visited house for Christmas!


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