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Planning for Retirement

It amazes me how often Mr. Cozi and I turn to each other these days and say, “that was fun”! In spite of a hitch in our git-alongs, turning into pumpkins at sunset and a pillbox that now looks more like my jewelry organizer; we are truly planning for retirement by practicing fun every weekend. We have a delightful playground here in Fairhope and planning for retirement will be a fun part of life.

Practicing Retirement

This month, we have the 1st Friday Art Walk, a neighborhood dining event at a local restaurant, Arts and Crafts Festival (so sorry Hubby, girls only that weekend), and a possible flower show in Mobile.

planning for retirement

Planning for Retirement

February was filled with Coffee Fest, Coco-Cola and Aquarium tours in Atlanta, Valentine’s goodies, and special dinners out for our birthdays. After all of that we had the pleasure of meeting friends at The Grand Hotel to enjoy the sunset over Mobile Bay with wine glass in hand. A week later we had dinner with more friends that have swung wide those retirement doors and learned more about what to expect.

Cola Bear

We researched an upcoming Alaskan cruise with our neighborhood for our 35th wedding anniversary and are planning a graduation party for Thing 2 in April. So when I say we are practicing fun over here, we are getting lots of field time!

Reading a Paper Map

And that is just how I want Mr. Cozi’s retirement to be. He has worked very hard for 36 years, being on call for most of that time. He wakes up at 4 am to begin his day and lays his head down pretty soon after dinner to start the process again. Don’t get me wrong. He has loved his job, the people he has worked with and the company that has provided his career, but Mrs. Cozi likes hearing, “that was fun,” so it’s time to have some.


It’s not your birthday or Father’s Day or Valentine’s; but I have to tell you, Mr. Cozi, you have taken excellent care of your family, been man of the year on the cover of my life and remain a very fun date after nearly 35 years of marriage. Bring on the fun. Swing wide those doors of retirement and let’s waltz or better yet, salsa right through them. And on the other side, let’s tell each other, “that was fun!”

Playful Otters

Disclaimer: Retirement has now happened. It’s been nearly 3 years now and other than a year off for a pandemic, it’s been a blast.

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