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Savvy Shopping at Dollar General

Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive if you know how to shop. Our model, Donna Jackson is a big believer in bargain shopping. She loves to run her hands through the discount racks in stores like Ross, TJMaxx, the Ralph Lauren outlet store, and yes, you read the title correctly, we can all do some savvy shopping at Dollar General.

According to Donna, if we “study our bodies and know how to create an illusion, it doesn’t matter who the designer is, how much the item costs or where you purchase it.” Studying a favorite picture of ourself can help us see our best and not-so-best side. It has to be a favorite picture, because if we choose a photo that we hate, we will concentrate on the things we hate. If your legs are pretty, wear clothes that draw the eye to the lower half of the body. If you have a pretty neckline, choose necklines and jewelry that showcases the décolletage.

Another factor in savvy shopping is to know your fabrics. Donna, being a southern lady, prefers cotton and linen in the summer because it breathes. If she loves a design that is polyester, it is best to choose one that is mostly natural fibers and only 5-10% synthetic. At Dollar General, you can find cotton tank tops to wear next to the skin and layer with synthetics that will help keep you cool. The feel of the fabric should be priority one, with the color, style and fit running close seconds.

Dollar General

Continuing with our yoga pants theme from last week, Donna shows us how to work from home in comfortable clothing and be ready for a quick errand in case you need to leave home.

Dollar General Fashion

This outfit cost less than $10 before tax.


Always keep a smile on your face and respect the ability to laugh at yourself. In the last Fashion Friday post, I told you how Donna tried to teach me to walk as a model. This is where I share my ability to laugh at myself. We had a great time, but Donna had to repeatedly remind me to relax, smile and have fun. I was concentrating so hard on standing up straight, holding in my belly and swinging my arms just right, that my face couldn’t lie. I was not relaxed!

Modeling Seriousness

As soon as I saw this picture in my camera, I cracked up laughing.

Walking upstairs

Donna believes she can teach me how to walk, stand, show my best side and be more photogenic. If this picture is any indication of my abilities, she should give up now.

Top of the Stairs

I love her determination!

Swinging a bag

She did not give up.

On the Steps

Even in the 98 degree heat, she kept working with me until she caught a smile. The thing we did accomplish, however, is showing how $10 can keep you comfortable and stylish. Donna and her savvy shopping created this outfit just for me. The pants and swing top were purchased at our local Dollar General.

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