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Old 27 Grill

Nights were cool. The bug zapper would bzzzzt an unlucky mosquito now and then and laughter would echo across our smoke-filled carport. These are my childhood memories of summer nights spent sitting outside with our next door neighbors. I wish I could say that the smoke came from a BBQ grill, but it did not. Every …

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The Golden Comment

In our monthly Southern Bloggers Jubilee meeting today we talked about how disappointing it is that comments in Blogland are down in number. Bloggers across the globe are experiencing lower numbers in the comment section of their blogs. So, I’m asking you, my readers, why is that? While the number of hits may remain the same or …

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Two Umbrellas

I’ve never written about art or any artist in particular (other than to point out a favorite), but on Friday at Fairhope’s First Friday Art Walk, I met the most interesting gentleman. He is William (Bill) Thompson, a former aeronautical engineer, who left the world of creating spacecraft that circle Mars, for the world of …

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TGIFF – Thank goodness it’s first Friday! Fairhope’s First Friday Art-Walk is a permanent event on my calendar. Every art form is given it’s due on this monthly night out. There are culinary artist who have special events in their restaurants, painters, potters, musicians, you name it and you are likely to see it. We …

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